The Least Apreciated

Angelique and her two Bestfriends go on a class trip to London which has been there dream since freshman year. But the unexpected happens when a mysterious man in a cafe turns out to be a member of the hot boy band One Direction. Will she fall in love?and if so, what crazy roller coaster does life have her on? Find out in this hot read c:


19. The Drive

Angelique's P.O.V.

Zayn and I walked up to the end of the bridges hand in hand, but weren't seen at all. There were two new couples snuggling on bolth sides of the bridge we started off on. We walked towards them and they still hadn't noticed." Lads?Mates?Are you there?" Zayn making it obvious we were there. They quickly fell back to earth, and Zayn signaled it was time to go, so we all started walking in a couple group in the car's direction. "So who's sitting were?" Harry put out there.

"Me and Angelique are sitting up front, so you guys figure the rest out." Zayn smiled at me, then looked at the est of the group who was glaring at us.

"Its not like were making you two seperate." Niall said Obviously. Zayn Unlocked the car, opened the passenger side's door, then lifted me into the group's black Escalade. He ran to the other side and hopped in. The rest of our group got in, then Zayn pulled off the sidewalk, and drove down the street. "Next time I'm driving us, it will be in my personal car." Zayn said smiling. I looked behind me to see Harry and Anabel ogling at each other, then way in the back, Isabel and Niall making out. Wow, what love does to a person. Me on the other hand was sitting there looking at Zayn, and the road ahead. Because I knew he was to focused on the road to look back at me, I gracefully grabbed his hand and interlocked my fingers into his hand. He looked down at our hands sewn together, then picked it up and kissed our hands. It was almost dark, and we needed to get back to the hotel fast, we needed to be back by 8:10, And was 8:01, Shit. At least the hotel was right down the street, and we were about to be there. But we needed to be in the room by 8:10, so time needed to slow down. When we pulled up, we said our goodbyes, and Zayn kissed my cheek. I smiled as I said a simple "Goodbye!"

"Bye Love." He said smiling. We ran our asses to the elevator so fast. We got in the elevator, and we practically screamed at Edward to push the button. He did. When the doors opened, We ran down to our room. It was 8:09 when I looked at my phone while I was anticipating for Isabel to open the door. When I herd our door open, I looked over to see ms.Main's door opening, so I practically tripped into the room when she finally unlocked it.

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