The Least Apreciated

Angelique and her two Bestfriends go on a class trip to London which has been there dream since freshman year. But the unexpected happens when a mysterious man in a cafe turns out to be a member of the hot boy band One Direction. Will she fall in love?and if so, what crazy roller coaster does life have her on? Find out in this hot read c:


12. The Dates

Angelique's P.O.V.

Holly Shit. was this really happening right now? Me and my two bestfriends were going to "hangout" with most of one direction?!?! This was a dream come true. Then walked over with smiles on there faces, Zayn had the biggest smile. I looked down at my Toms to see if they were still clean, as a nervous habit. When the got there, I said,

"Hey." silently,but warmly. This was awkward..

"Hey Angelique." He said with his smile.

"He hasen't stopped talking about you!" Harry said starting to laugh with Niall.

"Shut up guys."

"Well, this is Isabel, And this is.."

"Anabel." Harry said interrupting me.

"Yes, im Annabel." Anabel said starting to giggle a little.

"Hey Niall." Isabel said in her awkward voice.

"Hello!" Niall said cheerfully.

"Well, should we go Angelique?!" Zayn said trying to get us away.

"I guess! Have a good time guys!" I said as I started walking away with Zayn.

"Angelique!Your just gonna Leave Me here wi.." Isabel said cutting herself off when she realized Anabel and Harry had left.

"Well I guess its you and me! Are you hungry?" Niall said to Isabel with a smile.

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