The Least Apreciated

Angelique and her two Bestfriends go on a class trip to London which has been there dream since freshman year. But the unexpected happens when a mysterious man in a cafe turns out to be a member of the hot boy band One Direction. Will she fall in love?and if so, what crazy roller coaster does life have her on? Find out in this hot read c:


32. The Afternoon

Isabel's P.O.V.

When me,Angelique,and Anabel met up with each other again, we were ready for one of the main things we were excited to see, Big Ben. Happiest.Day.Ever. We didn't care to change once again,so we just hopped on the bus and drove off. We went down streets and turned corners till we got to the international monument, Big Ben. Ovcorse, I was the first of the top layer of the bus, because, I'm a spaz. But I did wait for my two bestfriends. They were slow ass walkers. I made a body chain with all three of us, then we skipped along with the rest of our class. When we had gotten to a open area, we had taken about 10 Instagram shots with Big Ben in the back. Because, that's how we do things. We then toured the place, and got back on the bus. We went to a few more locations with the rest of the hour and a half, then at the end of all  of it, parked in front of the hotel. A familiar voice came onto the speakers, "Ok students, So I know this is sadly your last night in the beautiful city of London, and you want to go out and lie it up. Well, you guys are lucky I trust you, so I will let you do just that. Don't do anything stupid,mainly pointed to the gentlemen on our bus. I don't want any bad calls.Now, the curfew is about 3:30 in the morning, I will be out to, so when im back, you better be back. Ok, now go, be young!" We darted off that bus so fast to get in our room. We didn't bother taking the elevator, we ran up the stairs. Once we got to our room, we busted in and started getting prettyfied. We didn't really change our makeup, just touched it up. In the middle of getting ready, I got a text from Niall saying they were two blocks away.Holy shit.

"There going to be here in like 3 minutes!HURRY!" I shouted through out the room. Angelique went over and got a heavier Diamond Supply Crewneck, and heavier leggings. She grabbed her gray Jordan retro 7s.  Anabel Put on a black,long-sleeved, sheer top, light jeans, and black and white converse. I put on a black YMCMB crewneck, Dark jeans, and white high top Nikes. We then suddenly herd a knock on the door, it was them. I quickly opened the door slightly, then poked my head out awkwardly so they couldn't see our extremely messy room.


"Are you ready Babe?" Niall said to me with a smile.

"Yes, Just a moment honey!" I closed the door, then yelled, "COME ON, WERE LEAVING!" then opened the door again. I let out my sisters, then locked the door behind me. All our overnight bags were in totes, and over our shoulders. We avoided Edwards awkwardness and went down the stairs. We all then walked out of the front door, and there was a giant wave of paparazzi surrounding us. Voices came from every were, then we ran back inside, and I started panicking.

"Are you Ok?" Niall said holding me.

"Im fine, just a little.... overwhelming."

"We'll go out the side." Niall took my hand and lead us to the side of the building. We ran out with our faces covered until they spotted us. As we all reached the car, they came running over. Zayn was driving, so he got in first. "Hurry on!" He said rushing us. We barely made it in when the crowd surrounded the car. Zayn started it, and they moved out of the way as we drove off. After about 7 minutes of driving,silence, and flirtatious looks exchanged, we pulled into a parking spot near the water. The boys put there hoodies on, but we had nothing, but we should be ok. The boys came up to there girls, then went in 3 separate directions.




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