Love Story

A writer creates a poem about love and publishes it in the UK .....she goes to London and her love life there goes exactly the same as written in her poem.As she meets the boys of one direction she begins her love poem...


2. The Plane AttendantsXD


Layna's P.O.V

The next day,we went the the airport and we reached the plane .Nadia and I sat together and we started chatting.Nadia changed the subject to 1D and how much she LOVED Naill Horan....and i kinda acted like i didn't care but in my my i was fangirling so much... .After a while of talking about Niall ,she started talking about how Liam Payne and I would look so good together and i was so happy inside.Then a guy with a shirt saying british airlines came from behind us and said"Talkin bout me??"in a sexy british accent...I turned around and saw LIAM PAYNE FROM 1D!!!Nadia was also surprised..

Liam's P.O.V

i heard my name in front of me so i stood up to see who was talking about me and i saw 2 girls and i just asked wat they were talking about.When a girl turned around,she looked so beautiful and she stole my heart in a minute.The girl next to her looked perfect for Niall..One of the girls asked me wat i was doing here so i answered "Being flight attendants with the lads duh didnt u see the hat??".I asked them what their names were and they said that they were Layna and Nadia.I think im starting to fall for Layna...



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