Love Story

A writer creates a poem about love and publishes it in the UK .....she goes to London and her love life there goes exactly the same as written in her poem.As she meets the boys of one direction she begins her love poem...


5. Maybe Long Lost Sister??

Layna's P.O.V

I was walking down the hallway in the hotel thinking about last night."Dinner with Liam was so romantic and fun.."I bumped into someone and it happened to be my best friend Kai..actually,she was my best friend since kinder garden all the way to high school. We had to go to different colleges...I MISS HER SOOO MUCH...Then Harry came by..."Who's this?""Kai!My best friend...""Ohhh..."Then he walked away..

Kai's P.O.V

I miss Layna SOOO MUCH!!We haven't met since high school. Btw Harry looked weird when he was asking Layna who I was ....Strange ,how does she know him .....

Harry's P.O.V

Kai looks so familiar...I dunno why...She kinda looks like Lou.But i dunno her last name...I think Kai noticed my face when i looked at her cuz i have a very weird face whenever i see familiar people...

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