The Boarding life.

This is a story that was inspired by a dream I once had and I just felt the need to write a story... So here it is :P


2. The day I've been dreading


“Raven, Raven Sweetie, it’s almost time to go. You need to get up, have breakfast and get ready,” My mother said in her ever so soothing tone, shaking me awake. It was Sunday morning, the morning I have been dreading for the whole of the Christmas break. The Sunday I leave for my new school which happens to be a boarding school. My parents seem to think it will give me a better education, but really, deep down probably just want some time to themself, meaning a whole year.

I got dressed into a pair of black skinny jeans, My Rawr, I’m a dinosaur t-shirt, a leather jacket and a pair of lavender Doc Martins. I brushed out my waist-length, dark brown hair and put on some lip gloss, no need to over load, I’m pretty without make up and I know it. I looked around my near empty room, grabbing my day bag, elephant pillow pet and suitcase, and walked downstairs, only to trip over my bag, roll down the stairs and knock into my older brother, tom.

“Looks like you need some help, lil’ sis!” He chuckles, ruffling my hair. “I’ll take your suitcase; everything else is already in the truck. Come on,” He says pulling me along. Because my dad and mum are split up and mum needs to go to work, tom is taking me there.

I didn’t have much in my bedroom, though the things I did I didn’t need to take, such as a dresser, bed, bookshelf and bedside table. I did however pack my books, clothes (duh), bathroom & personal hygiene supplies, beanbag and what not. I was planning on painting my room/ side of the room purple and green and buying some new sheets. My mum and dad had given me $7,000 dollars in total for a new wardrobe and room accessories.

 With everything packed into toms truck, we started it up, said bye to mum (with lots of tears) and left, and after an excruciating 3 hour drive of eye spy, singing along to music and sleeping, we were  finally at my new school & home, Callenbury school and boarding.

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