The Boarding life.

This is a story that was inspired by a dream I once had and I just felt the need to write a story... So here it is :P


3. Scared my Shitless


We drove through a great big arch, and into a gravelled car park. “It’s so fancy, this is definitely not you Ravvy,” tom said, gazing around amazed.

“I know but I have to come here, so may as well make the best of it, come on let’s get this stuff to my new room, most people are at their various sports right now, so it will be mostly empty,” I say picking up my pillow pet, strapping him to my suitcase, grabbing my day bag and suitcase and walking into the office before walking up to the lady at registration and saying, “Hi, I’m Raven Johnston, I’m new here today?” I say in a half question. She nods before taking out a package that says;


Room 413, Floor 6,

Contents; Time Table, room key,

Sports registration sheet, locker number and code.  


I take it and walk toward the elevator that has two options on it, Floor 5 and Floor 6. I step inside it and wait for Tom to come, carrying my beanbag and box of books and what not. Together we unpacked my room and got it set up before the other person in my dorm came back. According to the pictures in her room, her name was Jess and she lived on a farm. I hugged Tom and told him good luck for college before sitting on my beanbag, taking out my kindle and iPod and reading. I was so engulfed in my new book I am Number Four I didn’t notice when my roommate, Jess, walked in. So when she came up and hugged my happily, she scared my Shitless. We talked and got to know each other all afternoon, her telling me about her life on the farm as well as the school, me telling her about myself, and my life. By the time we went to dinner we had become pretty good friends and had found out we had quite a lot in common.


She led me to the dining hall and into the queue before waving at the table with all her friends. They all waved back and looked at me with an eyebrow raised as if asking if I was the new roommate. Jess just nodded. The food they served was great, and so were Jess’ friends, Dianna, who was a red head, Marina who was a beautiful tanned blonde that looked like she lived on the beaches of Australia, Dan, who happened to be Dianna’s twin, and Mkenzi who looked somewhat like me, just with curly black hair, and green eyes, instead of wavy black hair and violet eyes. We were all chatting and laughing and having a great time, despite just meeting each other, that was, until the quarter back James Unthill, came “swagging” up to us and sad in the chair beside me.

“Hey baby, you new here? Of course you are, otherwise I would have seen your pretty face before,” He said before continuing on, “Just a heads up, you should come sit with us, not these retards.” Jess and her friends kept their heads down and didn’t seem one bit surprised with what he had just said, but I did.

“As a matter of fact, These are my friends, and don’t talk about them that way, so piss off.” I said pushing him away before shoving him away. “Go flirt with one of your sluts.” It felt awesome saying that!

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