Tynamisu's Choice

Alice Reed competes on her TB stallion, Tynamisu II. They excel at eventing, especially XC and they enter many comps and shows together. They seem unbeatable.
But when Tynamisu has a bad fall on the XC course while competing, Alice has to make the choice- give up Tynamisu or give up her dream of becoming a top eventer?


4. Chapter 4

Alice backed away as Tynamisu reared in his stable. He was bored. A great XC stallion, like him, should be galloping along a course, not stuck in a stable.

"Stand back, dear" ordered one of the vets as he went into another violent rear. Alice could see the stitches on his hindquarters. There were so many. She wondered if she could ever ride him again. She grasped her Mum's hand, something she hadn't done since she was eight. 

"It's okay, darling" soothed her Mum. "Everything is going to be alright." Alice doubted this highly. It was upsetting seeing her horse like this; she hated it. 

"Mum?" she asked "can we go home now?" Her Mum understood. She knew that Alice hated to see her horse like this; in so much pain. 

When they got home, Alice went upstairs and sat on her bed. She needed to think. She knew that her horse could never jump again, let alone compete. She was so far in her career. Already. She knew that her Mum could not afford to keep Tynamisu and get her another eventer. It was her choice. Should she give up the horse she loved so much, or give up in her career? 

Firstly, she thought about Tynamisu. She couldn't give him up. They had gone through so much together, and Alice had taught him all she knew. They had built a strong bond together, which was unbreakable. She saw flashbacks of Tynamisu rearing in his stable, in so much pain. How could she leave him when he needed her so badly?

Then, she thought about her eventing career. She was competing against adults, and she was very experienced for someone her age. If she gave up now, she would never be able to climb that high again. She had got over the biggest mountain, but if she climbed down again, she wouldn't be able to get back up. 

She started to cry. Why was life so unfair? Her Mum heard from downstairs and came slowly into her room.

"Darling?" She asked, gently "don't you worry. Everything is going to be alright." She put her arm around Alice. Between sobs, Alice told her Mum her problem.

"I don't know who to chose" she said, "Tynamisu or my career." Her Mum looked at her in the eyes.

"Alice" she said sternly "Whichever you chose, I know you will make the right decision." She left the room. Alice thought about this. Why had she never considered it before? There was no contest. It was obvious which one she was choosing. She raced downstairs; she had stopped crying.

"Mum?" she asked "I've chosen." and she whispered into her Mum's ear. 

"I knew you would, darling" her Mum replied. "Lets go and see your horse again, shall we?"

"Yes" agreed Alice "we need all the advice about caring for him as we can get,"

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