Tynamisu's Choice

Alice Reed competes on her TB stallion, Tynamisu II. They excel at eventing, especially XC and they enter many comps and shows together. They seem unbeatable.
But when Tynamisu has a bad fall on the XC course while competing, Alice has to make the choice- give up Tynamisu or give up her dream of becoming a top eventer?


3. Chapter 3

Alice was dreary when she awoke in the hospital. He head was throbbing and she saw at least two of everything, but all she could think about was Tynamisu. Was he alright? Where was he? All these questions spun around her head like a wild tornado, getting bigger and bigger. She sat up. And looked around. It smelled so clean, so fresh. 

"Tynamisu" she muttered before flopping down on the bed again. She shut her eyes. Was she badly hurt? Did she need an operation? She looked lifeless on the bed. Her Mum took hold of her stone-cold hand.

"Darling?" She said. Her face was pale and full of worry. She seemed to have more wrinkles than usual and her hands were colder than Alice's. 

"Mum? Tynamisu" Was all that Alice could say. She hoped she had put her point across. It seemed that she had, because her Mum replied quietly:

"I'm here, darling. Tynamisu is at the equine hospital. He will have an operation to make him all better. But he won't be able to jump again. Never."

These words hit Alice like a bullet in the chest. Tynamisu never being able to jump again? Where did that leave them both. If she was hurt, she guessed that she could never ride again. She had to give up all she had worked for. A tear trickled down her face. Suddenly a bustling nurse came over to Alice's bed.

"Has she woken up? Good." The nurse said jollily. She came close to Alice's face so she could see her clearly. "You are one tough cookie. Only a sprained wrist, that's all you have. You are very lucky. You could have been killed." 

The nurse was talking  to Alice as if she was five. Alice liked this. She could see that the nurse cared for her and wanted her to recover. Everyone paused as Alice fully opened her eyes and sat up. She felt better, but hungry. She had the appetite of a horse at the best of times.

"Mum?" She stuttered "can I have something to eat?" She felt all that empty space in her stomach. She was starved. As Mum went to fetch Alice a piece of toast, for it was breakfast time the next day, the nurse crouched down by Alice.

"I've been to see your horse, Alice. He's tough, just like you. You are both lucky to be alive. That fall could have easily killed you. But I know that you want to know everything that happened to your horse. He was rushed to the equine hospital, with your groom. They were going to put him down. But your groom knew that you would never forgive yourself, that you would do nothing for the rest of your life. So he begged them to make your horse better. And they did. He needed a lot of muscle work as well as stitches. Your groom said that he could be ridden, but with all that torn muscle, he could never jump."

Another tear tricked down Alice's cheek. The nurse mopped it up with a hanky.

"There, there, dear" she said "at least you are both alive. That's the main thing, eh?" 

Mum came over with a piece of toast with jam and butter on the side and a bowl of cornflakes. She put them on a tray on Alice's lap. Mum buttered the toast and put jam on top. Alice felt like a baby. She could usually do this. She pulled out her right hand to grab a bit of toast, but saw a thick, white bandage covering it. Her sprained wrist. She grabbed the toast with her left hand and took a small bite. It tasted funny, but after a few chews she was eating for England.

"There, there, darling" said Mum, "you're alright, aren't you?" Alice nodded, spraying crumbs everywhere. She went for the cornflakes next, chomping them up. 

Mum had a few words with the nurse. It was settled. Alice was coming out of hospital that afternoon. To see Tynamisu. 

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