Tynamisu's Choice

Alice Reed competes on her TB stallion, Tynamisu II. They excel at eventing, especially XC and they enter many comps and shows together. They seem unbeatable.
But when Tynamisu has a bad fall on the XC course while competing, Alice has to make the choice- give up Tynamisu or give up her dream of becoming a top eventer?


2. Chapter 2

"Easy boy, hold on a few more minutes." Alice tried to steady her complicated mount. Tynamisu was frothing at the bit, ready to compete. They were tackling the XC course next, after this pathetic rider who went at about one mile an hour, barely clearing the jumps.

"Next is Alice Reed on Tynamisu II, get ready to go!" Yelled the commentator as Alice circled Tynamisu at the starting line. She was holding him back so hard that he arms were being pulled out of her sockets, she was sure. The starting beep came; this was the moment Tynamisu was waiting for as he shot of like a bullet. Luckily Alice kept a firm hand on the reins- she couldn't let him go, it wasn't time yet. Alice prepared herself before the first jump. She corrected everything, so he would clear the obstacle.

Once the first jump was over with, rider and horse were transformed into a bold XC team. Alice was in sync with Tynamisu as he cleared each jump with ease, although they were well over a meter high. From walking the course earlier, Alice thought that she should let Tynamisu go a bit. She thought she remembered the next jump being a bit of a way away, so what did she have to lose?

She let Tynamisu go into a controlled gallop, so she could steady him when the next jump came. But Tynamisu wasn't having any of that! He shook his head as Alice lost grip of the reins and he started bolting. She knew this drill. She leant back half-halting him. It was working- slowly.

Suddenly Alice noticed the jump in front of her. She was concentrating so hard on slowing her mount down, she hadn't noticed the huge chess-themed jump looming over her. She quickly pulled on the reins in desperation. She had to slow down! No rider, however brave would tackle a jump at this speed. 

It was too late. Tynamisu had got his striding wrong for once and he took off far too early. Alice kicked his sides to make him go farther, but it was too late. He was coming down- on top of the jump!

Tynamisu tried to leap further, but to no avail. Alice shut her eyes. This was going so wrong! She couldn't look. Anyway, she was sure that this fall would kill her. She hugged Tynamisu's neck. If she was dying, at least her horse would be with her. She wished that this was a dream. That this whole day was a dream. She wanted to wake up in her bead, rush down to her stables and see Tynamisu, begging her for breakfast.

She opened one eye. She saw the ground coming towards her, she heard Tynamisu's squeal as he landed on the jump and she heard the gasp of the crowd, the wining of the ambulance siren. As she made impact, everything turned black.

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