Tynamisu's Choice

Alice Reed competes on her TB stallion, Tynamisu II. They excel at eventing, especially XC and they enter many comps and shows together. They seem unbeatable.
But when Tynamisu has a bad fall on the XC course while competing, Alice has to make the choice- give up Tynamisu or give up her dream of becoming a top eventer?


1. Chapter 1

They entered the sand arena with a bouncing trot, looking the part. Alice moved her horse into a collected trot, then pushing him into an extended trot. They were yet to enter the dressage arena and begin the first part of their eventers challenge. Finally, Alice pushed Tynamisu into a canter, a showy canter to be proud of. The bell was rung which silenced the crowd.                                                               "Come on, boy" whispered Alice, so only Tynamisu could hear "let's show them what you're made of." 

Alice entered the arena in an flourishing extended trot, wowing the crowd. She halted him and nodded to the judges to show that she was ready to begin. She pushed Tynamisu into a working trot on the left rein and performed a few simple school movements, 20m circles, figure of eights. After that simple beginning, Alice knew that she had to be more spectacular. She pushed Tynamisu into and extended trot up the long side before returning to a working trot, ready for her next move. She performed a half-circle, but the was only the beginning. She slowed him down, slower and slower he went until he reached a the middle of the half circle and performed a piaffe. The crowd clapped- such a fantastic performance for an 18 year old girl!

Tynamisu loved all this limelight, but he was becoming restless. Alice was just managing to keep him under control. This is what made him such a horse- he was brave, fearless and could really perform anything, but he had character and he was a challenging ride. Luckily, Alice had broken him in and knew his every trick. The test was nearly over.                                                                                                 "Please boy," whispered Alice desperately, "just a little bit longer." 

Her calm voice soothed the big 16.2hh horse, and he calmed and performed a 'lovely collected canter' said her Mum later. Alice waited- and pushed Tynamisu into such a extended canter, even the judges were amazed. But they were thinking 'how will she stop?' as Alice came down the centre line, so fast; she was brave. Just when the judges were about to say something, Alice brought Tynamisu into a halt. It wasn't jagged or abrupt. Alice and Tynamisu had the knack to know how to stop naturally.                     "What a fantastic show from Alice Reed and Tynamisu II there!" yelled out the commentator, "that's got to be a high score!"

Alice walked Tynamisu out of the arena and beside her best friend, Georgie, her Mum and her Mum's friend, (also the groom) Jacob. Tynamisu looked a little sweaty on his neck (he rarely broke out in a sweat during a dressage competition) but Alice still needed to keep a short rein on him, as he was jogging on the spot uncomfortably. Alice gave his neck a sloppy pat and dismounted. Jacob took the reins and Alice and her Mum looked up on the score board. The world seemed to move so slowly at this time for Alice. If she did well, there would be no knowing what she could accomplish next. She could hear her heart beating within her chest. She really wanted a good score; she had worked so hard for one! 

The results were up- Alice had got 92.85- the best score yet, by miles! That was her best score ever!       "You superstar!" she exclaimed at she ran over to Tynamisu and hugged him around his sweaty neck, "you are the best horse ever- this is our claim to fame!" Tynamisu snorted as if he understood.                     "Jacob, Georgie" said Alice's mother more calmly "they got a fantastic score- 92.85!"                             "Yay!" Yelled Georgie, so loudly that she spooked other horses and she got some of the other competitors looking at them strangely. 

Although everyone else was celebrating, Alice could see in Tynamisu's body language that something wasn't right. She felt a little uneasy.


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