"I didn't mean to kill her, honest...."
Marcus Hendrich commonly known as Hendge as been arrested for murder. But it wasn't his fault. Will he be able to uncover the real mastermind or will he be locked in the prison cell for the rest of his life?


2. 2

The officer in charge of my arrest took me by the forearm firmly and herded me through a maze of winding corridors.

"Not so easy to escape, is it?" He chuckled at me. I turned away to look into the cells. They all wore orange jumpsuits and were staring wildly. It frightened me. I turned to look the other side of the police officer and saw an equally chilling sight. Can't be often they get a new house mate.

I was led on, to a room with:



engraved into the brass plaque hung on the door. I read it before being pushed inside.

"Sit down, boy." Said a familiar voice. Obligingly I sat on the carpeted chair in front of his desk. The leather chair swivelled around so I could see his face.

The scar, the patch, it was him. He was here. Following me, watching me.

I felt dizzy. I stood up clutched the desk. Glared at him. Then the world went black.

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