"I didn't mean to kill her, honest...."
Marcus Hendrich commonly known as Hendge as been arrested for murder. But it wasn't his fault. Will he be able to uncover the real mastermind or will he be locked in the prison cell for the rest of his life?


1. 1

"I didn't do it on purpose!" I screamed my arms trying to reach the lifeless body of the girl. Blood surrounded her. My own hands were covered from where I had prised the knife from her wound. She had kissed me before I died. Told me she knew it wasn't my fault. Tears flew freely now as I turned away to step up into the police van.

I sat with my head against the wall, my hands in my lap, secured with cuffs. Every time I closed my eyes I could see her dying in front of me. She had been beautiful, and now all that will be left of her will be ashes. She had told me, just before she closed her eyes she was going to bbe cremated and her ashes washed into the river. She had loved the river. And I did too.

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