"Don't tell me you love me if you don't, Harry!" I shouted. "I know your love her! So, go after her. Stop wasting your time going after me when you know I'm not the one for you. She is. Okay? Now go get your girl.." I looked down into my drink as I said those words. Why? Why does everything bad.. happen to me?
When you meet One Direction, you expect it to be like one of the fanfictions that you read all over the internet. Well, go back to reality girls! It's not like that.
I'm Haley. 18. I have brown hair. Yep, just a normal teenager. But it all changed when I meet the boys. Everything took a sharp turn into pain and heartbreak road. It would be nice if Harry Styles fell in love with you, right? But what if your sister loved him also? Not good right? Yeah, I understand.


7. Wild Ones

                                                                Haley's POV

Me and Harry chatted all night, until he brought something up that made me hang up and go to his place. "Hey, there's a party going on in a few hours over at my flat. Wanna come?" he asked me. I smiled widely. Even though I've never been to a party before. Like.. Ever. I really wanted to go. If drinking was involved, then I'm seriously screwed though. 

Every time I drink, I get really drunk and I do things that I regret. But I had to go to Harry Styles' party! I might meet some celebs in there, and I would be with Harry the whole time. I like this. 

"Sure." I simply replied. Harry let out a small scream that sounded like a total girl. I laughed at it, but it sounded cute at the same time. "Meet me at my place, or should I pick you up?" he asked. I shook my head, unsure of what I should say. "I'll meet you there, I guess." I told him. I felt him nod and sit down on a chair. "Kay." he said, before covering the phone. "BOYS, HALEY'S COMING TO THE PARTY, OKAY?" he yelled. I laughed slightly. I guess he doesn't know I could still hear him. 

"The girl you met at the mall?" someone asked.


"So, your ' girlfriend's ' sister is coming over? How come your 'girlfriend' isn't coming?"

"She's not my girlfriend, I told you that." 

For some reason I smiled when he said those words. He doesn't find Kenzie as his girlfriend. What's awkward is that Kenzie thinks of Harry as her boyfriend. Awkward! 

"You sure about that? I heard that you kissed her." the person pointed out to him. There was silence afterwards. I could hear Harry gulp.

"She made me kiss her." Harry finally said. 

There was silence again. "Okay then.." the person muttered before silence came again. I gulped myself and scratched my head. Harry put the phone back on his ear. 

"See you later, Hal." he said, before dropping the phone. "LOUIS!" I heard him yell. So, that's who he was talking to. I took the phone off my ear and hung up. Wow. Dramatic. I sat up from my bed and got dressed for the party.

Red dress that went to my knees, red heels, and light make-up on my face. Perfect. I took a step out my room and walked slowly to my sister's room. Was she asleep? I peeked inside and yes, she was asleep. I did a small happy dance and ran quietly to the living room. I ran out the door and jumped in my car.


"Haley! You made it!" Harry yelled as he opened the door. Loud music boomed from inside. I could see people dancing stupidly to a familiar sounding song. Wild Ones by Flo Rida. Of course that's the song. Harry pulled me in a hug before I could say anything. "I missed you.." he whispered in my ear. 

I smiled at that and pulled away. "I missed you too." I said. He smiled a warm smile at me and turned to the room where the people were dancing stupidly. "Come in." he said, trying to sound fancy. I laughed slightly and walked in. Random people past by me, giving me dirty looks. What did I do to them? It's not like I'm a nobody. Wait! I am one. 

I peeked my head in the kitchen and saw many people sitting and standing everywhere. Every single one of them looked wasted. I laughed a bit. I then felt an arm around me. "Now, what's a babe like you doing at a party like this?" a familiar face whispered in my ear. The smell of alcohol reeked from his mouth. "Hands off, Niall. She's mine." I heard Harry's voice from behind me. 

I smiled slightly as Harry grabbed Niall's arm away from mine. "Find someone else, mate." Harry told him. Niall just nodded and drank more of the beer that was in his hand, walking away. "He was just trying to get in your pants, so stay away from him, yeah?" Harry told me, being really protective. Aw, he's protecting me.. form one of his best mates. Wow, now that's just sad. "I promise you Harry, your the only sexy one in here that I would want in the room." I said seductively. He looked at me and I winked. A small smirk appeared on his face. "Maybe that might happen.." he whispered in my ear, before walking away from me.

My breathing was heavy. Wow, do I feel turned on.. Woah, Haley! No, no, no. Kenzie's dating Harry, you can't do anything with him. Got that, self? Oh my god, this night is going to be really bad. Harry's probably going to try to seduce me all night. 

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and walked back in the living room. "Let's play truth or dare!" someone yelled. I'm assuming it's Niall because it sounds just like him. A deep Irish accent that probably made every girl swoon. "Yeah!" five other people agreed. One of them was Harry, who was staring at me. When I looked at him, he motioned me to come over to him while winking at the same time. I smiled and walked over there.

This isn't going to be good. 



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