"Don't tell me you love me if you don't, Harry!" I shouted. "I know your love her! So, go after her. Stop wasting your time going after me when you know I'm not the one for you. She is. Okay? Now go get your girl.." I looked down into my drink as I said those words. Why? Why does everything bad.. happen to me?
When you meet One Direction, you expect it to be like one of the fanfictions that you read all over the internet. Well, go back to reality girls! It's not like that.
I'm Haley. 18. I have brown hair. Yep, just a normal teenager. But it all changed when I meet the boys. Everything took a sharp turn into pain and heartbreak road. It would be nice if Harry Styles fell in love with you, right? But what if your sister loved him also? Not good right? Yeah, I understand.


3. Kenzie's 'Date'

                                                        Haley's POV

I threw my bag down on my bed. I groaned as I jumped right on top of the bed. "Worst. Day. Ever." I muttered. It really has been the worst day ever. Kenzie bossing me around, like every day. Then there's Harry. Why did I say that? I should've just said something like, "Oh, really? Then how about you give it to me now and I'll call you sometime." But, no, I didn't. I'm so stupid! 

I put my hands on my face. If I said that to him, then I would be the one going out with Harry and not Kenzie. But, I didn't. So I guess, it'll never happen. 

"Haley, guess what!" Kenzie yelled as she bursted into my room. I sat up a bit and looked at her. "What?" I said coldly. She looked at me with a weird look on her face before she sat next to me. 

"Harry and I are going on a date tonight!" she yelled right in my ear. Pain hit me hard when she said those words. Jealousy? Maybe. I just nodded. "Haley! Your supposed to be happy for me! I'm going on a date with Harry Styles. You should be happy." Kenzie whined. I shook my head. 

"Fine, whatever." I said. "Oh my god, I'm so happy for you!" I yelled sarcastically. She looked at me with a bit of concern showing on her face, but a bit of anger was mixed in there too. She stood up and crossed her arms. "I get it. You like Harry." she said, nodding. I opened my mouth to protest, but closed it. She was right, I do like Harry. "Maybe I do." I said. "But who cares anyway? You got him, right? So, let's just let it go." My voice raised and stuttered at the same time. I was hurt. 

Harry was an awesome guy. I really like him, but my sister has him pretty much. And I can't do anything about it. This is officially the worst day ever!

                                                              Harry's POV

Why am I doing this? I don't like Kenzie. It's Haley that I like. She looked so hurt when I asked her to give my number to her sister. Could she like me back? No. No, she can't. She was probably just mad about something else. 

"I'm going on a date! Be back in an hour!" I yelled from the living room, hoping all the boys heard me. "Alright!" I heard a voice yell back. Louis. I nodded and walked out the door. Maybe I could tell this Kenzie chick that I don't like her and tell her that I like someone else. I wouldn't say the name since she seems like she would kill her sister if I liked her. Hope this works. 

                                                              Haley's POV

Kenzie looked through a mirror that was in her room. "Do I look okay?" she asked me. I fake smiled as I looked at her. I didn't feel like giving her a real smile. "You look perfect. Harry'll love you." I said, trying to not sound hurt. Kenzie smiled and looked at me through the mirror.  Then she turned around to face me. "Thanks Haley." she said, before walking to the bed to grab her bag. "See you after the date." she smiled and ran out of the room. Right when I heard the front door slam close, I fell on her bed. 

"Why? Why does Kenzie have to be dating the one I like? Why does he have to be Harry Styles?" I kept asking these questions out loud. I knew no body would answer me, but I guess I didn't want answers. I just want my happily ever after to happen. I guess it never will. 

                                                              Harry's POV

I finally got to their house. Right as I jumped out of the car, I saw Kenzie running my way. She jumped right on me, hugging me tight. I let out an awkward chuckle and hugged back. "Hi, Kenzie." I said. She kept hugging me and didn't respond back. I cleared my throat. She finally jumped down. "Sorry." she mumbled. I just nodded and looked at their house. "You have a pretty nice house." I told her. I saw her smile at the corner of my eye. "Thank you." she muttered. 

I froze. I saw her. Haley. She was staring out the window, looking right at me and Kenzie. I opened my mouth to say something to her, but she shook her head and looked away. Is she okay? Maybe she does like me. No, stop it Harry. Your on a date with Kenzie, not Haley. 

"Should we go?" Kenzie asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. I jumped slightly and looked at her. "Oh, yeah.. We should." I muttered, walking to my car. I opened her car door and she climbed in. I walked over to the other side of the car and grabbed the door handle. Before I jumped in the car, I looked at the window Haley was at. She was there again, looking at me. 

"I'm sorry." I mouthed to her. She just smiled and nodded. It was a fake smile, I could tell. I nodded and finally jumped inside the car. 





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