"Don't tell me you love me if you don't, Harry!" I shouted. "I know your love her! So, go after her. Stop wasting your time going after me when you know I'm not the one for you. She is. Okay? Now go get your girl.." I looked down into my drink as I said those words. Why? Why does everything bad.. happen to me?
When you meet One Direction, you expect it to be like one of the fanfictions that you read all over the internet. Well, go back to reality girls! It's not like that.
I'm Haley. 18. I have brown hair. Yep, just a normal teenager. But it all changed when I meet the boys. Everything took a sharp turn into pain and heartbreak road. It would be nice if Harry Styles fell in love with you, right? But what if your sister loved him also? Not good right? Yeah, I understand.


5. Even Though You Kissed Me, I Don't Want You

                                                               Harry's POV

I stopped the car at the front of the restaurant. Kenzie kept blabbing about how stupid and annoying Haley was. I kept opening my mouth to protest, but if I did she'll realize that I like her. "Let's go." I muttered as I climbed out of the car. I almost passed by the car to let Kenzie get out by herself, but she cleared her throat to get my attention. I turned around, gave her a fake smile, and opened the door for her. "Thank you." she said, sounding a tad bit cocky. Wow, that's probably why Haley hates her. I nodded and started walking to the door of the restaurant.  I opened the door and glanced over at Kenzie, who was currently dusting off her black short skirt. I rolled my eyes. "Ladies first." I mumbled. 

I felt like telling her now. That I like Haley. But she'll rip my head off also. So, I shouldn't do that. She walked in the place, smiling like an idiot. I laughed quietly at how stupid she looked. I followed her in and we sat at our table.


I fake laughed at Kenzie's stupid joke. We were in front of her house. Or should I say, her and Haley's house. This was that point in all of those romantic movies that the boy kisses the girl. I know that Kenzie wants that to happen, but I sure don't.

"This night was fun." she said, smiling at me. I nodded and replied with a simple, "Mhm." I didn't want to say anything else. I just wanted to leave. "Well, goodnight." I said, starting to walk away. I know that was a bit rude, but does it look like I care? Kenzie cleared her throat and gave me a death stare that pretty much said, "Get back here." I took a step back to her and she smiled again. "Aren't you missing something?" she asked me. I shook my head, not understanding what she meant.

I actually knew what she meant, but I just wanted to pretend I didn't. She just seems so cocky and just a plain old bitch. So, I decided I should be the same. It'll probably hurt her feelings but I didn't really care at this point. I wanted Haley, not her. 

I leaned in. I was going to kiss her cheek, but when I tried, she pulled my face and made me kiss her lips. My eyes shot open. I didn't want this at all. I pulled away quickly. "Okay. Bye." I said, walking to my car. I glanced back at their house. I saw Haley looking out the window again. This time she was smiling. She held up a sign that said, "You didn't want to kiss her didn't you? Lol." I laughed and nodded. "Your right." I mouthed to her. She smiled even wider and bursted out laughing. I smiled at this. 

She was so cute! Even though I couldn't hear her laugh, I knew it was cute. "Hey!" I mouthed to her. She pulled her attention to me and smiled. "Call me sometime. We need to talk." I mouthed. She nodded. "Okay." she mouthed back. I smiled and went inside the car. Even though I spent the whole night with Kenzie, the last part was great. Seeing Haley smile was the cutest thing ever. 

I started up the car and looked out the car window, to see if Haley was still looking out the window. She was. I smiled at her and waved. She waved back. "Talk to you later!" she mouthed to me. I nodded and smiled once again. She smiled back and turned away. I finally drove away. The whole drive was nice, since I was thinking about what just happened the whole time. 

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