"Don't tell me you love me if you don't, Harry!" I shouted. "I know your love her! So, go after her. Stop wasting your time going after me when you know I'm not the one for you. She is. Okay? Now go get your girl.." I looked down into my drink as I said those words. Why? Why does everything bad.. happen to me?
When you meet One Direction, you expect it to be like one of the fanfictions that you read all over the internet. Well, go back to reality girls! It's not like that.
I'm Haley. 18. I have brown hair. Yep, just a normal teenager. But it all changed when I meet the boys. Everything took a sharp turn into pain and heartbreak road. It would be nice if Harry Styles fell in love with you, right? But what if your sister loved him also? Not good right? Yeah, I understand.


4. Author's Note xx

Hi guys! Now, I just wanted to ask you guys one question......

Who do you really want together?

Haley and Harry


Kenzie and Harry? 

Please comment who you want. I'll see what I can do about the votes. xD

I really hope you guys like this story! I've been working hard on this. So, thank you if you like, favorite, or comment. 

That's all for now.




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