Siblings , Alex ( Nadia ) and Ashley ( Kai ) , gets offered a scholarship at Cambridge University , London . Little did they know , that they were going to meet someone unexpected and that they would change their lives forever but what if they change their lives and fall for them too?.
Sometimes love is
Unexpected right? (:


2. The plane RIDE ...


It really sucked not sitting next to my sister but at least I only have to sit next to one dude. I cant make his face out, he does not even look at me well his fault :P i just sat there listening to a new song Nadia and I had composed but still  trying to find lyrics for it . I wrote a bit in my song writing book. From the corner of my eye i saw the dude beside me looking at me, then that's when I realized in was siting next to HARRY STYLES from one direction . Not Going To Speak To Him .okay now i really needed to go to the toilet .


The girl who was sitting next to went to the toilet I wonder who she is . i looked down and saw a note book, i picked it up and read some of it ( even though i am not supposed to ) IT WAS A SONG BOOK ! maybe she has talent 

'' excused me '' i heard and looked up '' can i have my book back ? and btw reading other peoples stuff is not polite , right Harry '' she said while i just handed he back her book. WOW she was really beautiful , i liked how her brownish blondish hair was put into a side poney and how her eyes sparkled. '' hello ?? earth to Harry Styles ?? '' '' sorry ... how do you know me? '' i said, what a stupid question to ask ''ummm ... how can i not '' i giggled '' let me introduce you to my friend , Guys meet .....'' '' Ashley but i liked to be called Kai '' she but in '''hey im Louis , this is Liam , Zayn and Niall '' '' hey !!'' her voice is so cute ..


Wait ?did i  just here Kai talking . i turned round and asked '' kai ? '' '' Oh yeah .. One Direction ... this is my sister alex , she prefers to be called Nadia '' did she just introduce me to ONE DIRECTION ..... '' HAI '' i said .. wait why do i sound nervous ?? i look beside me and saw that i was sitting with Niall .. as in NIALL HORAN !!! am i dreaming . This has got to be the best plane ride ever .

We spent almost the whole plane ride getting to know each other but the time came where we had to split But hey they gave us their number's ..

The whole taxi ride to our dorm i was thinking of how cute Niall was in real life .." WOW OUR DORM IS HUGE SIS !!'' i shouted while spinning  '' YEP IT HAS SWAG " Kai explained and stopped me from spinning . She is so KJ ( kill joy ) 


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