Siblings , Alex ( Nadia ) and Ashley ( Kai ) , gets offered a scholarship at Cambridge University , London . Little did they know , that they were going to meet someone unexpected and that they would change their lives forever but what if they change their lives and fall for them too?.
Sometimes love is
Unexpected right? (:


20. the beach


YAY ! to the beach . I love the beach . I grabbed my royal blue bikini and headed down stairs to see who was ready . '' Hey babe '' Niall said while hugging me from behind . '' You ready for the beach ? '' i asked , but befor he could reply i heard Kai singing '' LETS GO TO THE BEACH EACH LETS GO GET AWAY !'' She down stairs and was jumping up and down in excitement . '' Why do excited ? ''  i asked '' Well , i love the beach and i really wanna cover someone in sand '' she replied with an evil smile and holding a shovel.'' Don't get to excited babe '' Louis said . After a few minutes everyone was down stairs and we jumped into the van and headed to the private beach.


The beach was so peaceful. I scanned around for my victum to cover in sand . Niall and Nadia were swimming along with Nicko , Ally, Leo and Zac  . Louis , Liam and Zayn went to get food and Harry was sleeping. Bad time to sleep curly . I took of my T-shirt to reveal my top half of my stripy bikini . I picked up my shovel and started to cove Harry in sand . I was proud of my work and decided to go for a swim . I joined then in the ocean . The boys arrived with Nadndos . We ran over to them to eat . " HARRY ! '' i shouted . He was still sleeping. '' WHAT THE '' He shouted , " WHO COVERED ME IN SAND ? ! '' he continued  . Everyone started laughing then pointed at me . '' Wow , I have nice friends '' i said , note the sarcasm . Harry walked up to me . '' Louis HELP ! '' i shouted but he was to busy laughing . I ran. '' Kai , Whats that on your back ? '' I heard Zayn shout . I stopped running . The horrible memory came back . I looked at them then ran of . I heard them shouting my name in the distance but i did not stop. 


Kai covered me in sand . I ran after her . As we ran i looked at her perfect figure , then i saw a scar on her back . How did she get that ? '' Kai , Whats on your back ? '' I heard Zayn shout . She stopped for a wahile then ran full speed a head. '' KAI ! '' I shouted . Everyone was calling her but she did not stop . We stopped . '' Not again '' Nadia said . " Nadia , You know what we have to do right " Ally said . Whats going on ? '' Nicko , go get them '' Ally ordered Nicko . '' Can i borrow the van '' Nicko asked , i handed him the keys and he ran and drove off . '' Where is he going ? '' Liam asked . '' Now is not the time , we have to find her '' Ally explained . I am so worried , she did it again , she ran away . I really need to know he family history .....


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