Siblings , Alex ( Nadia ) and Ashley ( Kai ) , gets offered a scholarship at Cambridge University , London . Little did they know , that they were going to meet someone unexpected and that they would change their lives forever but what if they change their lives and fall for them too?.
Sometimes love is
Unexpected right? (:


11. Regrets.


I went out of the room , until Ally pinged me . VERAWRNICA<3 Hey Kai , Where is the hospital ? To : VERAWRNICA<3 Your here? great . Hm St Andrews Hospital . From: VERAWRNICA<3 Okay sure I'm on my way . Minutes later Ally came rushing to me , I gave her a tight hug " How is Nadia? . " " The doctor says she is in comma and might loose her memory , she will only remember her family members . I need to go back to Singapore , Nicko , Mum and Dad needs to know besides Mum would love to see you but is it okay if you stay here with her? " " Yeah I don't mind cause it's been a long time I haven't seen Nadia . " " Wanna see her? " Ally nodded , we went inside the room, she broke down in tears . Nadia looked so pale , thin and weak " She isn't the 8 year old sweetheart I see anymore . " she mumbled . It has been years Ally hasn't seen Nadia they weren't as close but Ally is the older sister and we all love her , Nadia was the cheerful one in our family . Quiet but always full of smiles . I hugged my sister " She will be okay ." I whispered . " Oh uhm guys , this is Ally my older sister . " " Hey . " All of them said with low voices , Ally stood up and looked up . She locked eyes with Zayn instantly ,Zayn did the same . " Well hm Harry I think we should leave , Our flights tomorrow. " " Yeah I'll pack tonight . "

~Next Day

Harry's P.O.V

I fetched Kai from their house , it was as empty and quiet as ever . I ringed the doorbell " Hey you ready? " " Yeah . " Her eyes were puffy and red , seems like someone was crying last night.

Ashley's P.O.V

I went home last night , the house was empty as ever . It was Friday movie day , I imagined when Me , Nicko , Ally and Nadia sat on the couch , when Ally was still 14 , Me and Nicko was 12 and Nadia was 6 . We were watching Peter Pan , our favorite movie . Tears formed my eyes , I missed those times, even if we left  Nadia and I  still do those , until now . I missed her more than ever . I went straight upstairs to start packing , " Wake up faster Nadia . " I mumbled to myself . I changed to my PJ's , ate some bread and fell asleep . I woke up , it was 7:30 am . I took a tank top and some jeans . I poured some cornflakes in a bowl , turned on the TV . " Niall Horan Zayn Malik in a Love traingle? . " I groaned , why do they care ? Their sister isn't in a hospital loosing their memory right ? . I cleaned the bowl , when the someone ringed the doorbell , must be Harry . I opened the door " Hey you ready? " " Yeah. " I went up took my stuff and we were off to the airport.

Harry's P.O.V

We sat on the plane , no words came out until " Hey Kai about the kiss . " " Yeah I knew you would brought that up . What about it . " " It was nothing okay . " nothing? what was I thinking? she shrugged and looked at the window. Until we both fell asleep the flight was long .

When we woke up , it was morning but it feels like night . Ugh Jet Lag , Kai seemed fine. We got off the plane took a taxi to her house , I've never been to Singapore before but it was beautiful . I realized we reached Kai's house , she wasn't so happy " You okay? " " Yeah just a little nervous . "

Ashley's P.O.V

I knocked on the door , Nicko opened it with a big smile " NICKO ! " " KAI ! " , I hugged him so tight he couldn't even breathe . I missed him so much . " MUM KAI'S HERE WITH SOME GUY . " I turned Leo and Zach was there . " Nicko what are they doing here ? " " Mum invited them . " I rolled my eyes , my mum hugged me I didn't hug back , " Who are those 2 guys? " Harry whispered " Leo is my ex , Zach is Nadia's as you could see they call us by our real names . " I sat down " Where is Nadia? " Nicko smiled , " Hm that's why I am here . " Nicko didn't like the answer i told them everything , when I was done . I realized Nicko face was full of anger , My mum couldn't stop crying and my dad was worried . " WHO DID THIS TELL ME KAI , TELL ME WHO HURT OUR NADIA . TELL ME NOW . !! " I know he was about to throw a tantrum , " NICKO I ALREADY DEAL WITH IT . SO STOP. " " I'm sorry Kai , Nadia is our youngest sister we took care of her since Ally left . She is our top priority . " Everyone in my family treats Nadia as if she is a baby since she is the youngest . " Oh and Ally is in London with Nadia right now . " My mom's face lit up " She is ? , Nicko pack your bags we're going to London . Leo and Zach you can come . " " WAIT WHAT MOM DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?, THEY CAN'T COME . " " ASHLEY MILLER DON'T USE THAT TONE WITH ME , I AM YOUR MOTHER AND YOU DO WHAT I SAY . " " I AM YOUR DAUGHTER NOT YOUR DOG MUM , YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING MUM . UGH ! I SHOULDN'T HAVE CAME HERE . YOUR ALWAYS THE SAME MUM . " My mum slapped me hard , Nicko pulled her back . " DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT. YOUNG LADY . " This is why I didn't love my mum , we always fought but Nadia doesn't know that . We don't fight in front of her or else she will start to cry . I ran to my bedroom with my bags , I shouldn't have came back to Singapore . I shouldn't have.

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