Siblings , Alex ( Nadia ) and Ashley ( Kai ) , gets offered a scholarship at Cambridge University , London . Little did they know , that they were going to meet someone unexpected and that they would change their lives forever but what if they change their lives and fall for them too?.
Sometimes love is
Unexpected right? (:


15. Regaining Memories


I cant believe that my own sister does not remember me and Nicko . Why ?? I thought she would remember us ... '' Kai , are you ok ? '' i heard a voice from behind me , it was Nicko. '' Do i look okay ? why can she not remember us ?'' '' i have no idea .. but it will be alright kai '' Nicko said then giving me a warm hug.


I cant believe that Nadia forgot about her two siblings and also us boys . '' Nadia , i need you to remember me '' i whispered into her ear , '' remember the times that we had as friends, meeting in a plane bumping into at Nandos .. Nadia please remember '' i continued .


A guy with blond hair and the most wonderful Irish accent whispered in my ear '' Nadia , i need you to remember me '' he said then continued , '' remember the times we had as friends, meeting in a plane and bumping into each other and Nandos ... Nadia please remember '' I looked at him , he had icy blue eyes then suddenly i had a flash back of be and Mr. cute irish accent boy eating pasta when another person walked in and started shouting at him. '' Niall ? '' i said hoping it was his name . '' NADIA ! you remember me ? '' he replied. '' Yes ! Zayn , Harry , Louis and Liam are your friends am i right ? '' i said regaining thoughts . Everyone started to look shocked that i remembered them but then , '' Niall ? Where is Ashley and Nicko ?'' i asked. Niall said her would be right back and when he did he had them with him .

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