Siblings , Alex ( Nadia ) and Ashley ( Kai ) , gets offered a scholarship at Cambridge University , London . Little did they know , that they were going to meet someone unexpected and that they would change their lives forever but what if they change their lives and fall for them too?.
Sometimes love is
Unexpected right? (:


10. Problems


We rushed Nadia to the hospital and I totally had a mental break down . I took out my phone quickly called Veronica aka Ally my older sister . " Hello? Kai why are you calling me it's 2:30 in the morning here in Paris . " " ALLY I DON'T GIVE A DAMN NADIA IS IN THE HOSPITAL . " " WHAT WHY?! " " ALLY I HAVE NO TIME FOR EXPLANATIONS GET YOUR BUTT IN LONDON NOW . " " Okay Okay geez . " I hung up the phone , I needed Ally here . I went in Nadia's room I saw Zayn and Niall their eyes were puffy and red seems like they have been crying more than I did . When I just snapped . ''WHICH ONE OF YOU DID THIS?! WAS IT ZAYN OR  NIALL ! WHICH ONE ?!" ''None Of us ." Their voices were trembling , '' OH SO YOUR TELLING ME  SHE JUST HIT HER HEAD ON PURPOSE ?!'' Louis and Harry held me back , " OKAY THAT'S IT IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO HER , YOU BOTH WILL PAY FOR THIS LOUIS LET ME GO ! " I flipped Louis , He laid on the ground " Hm , what just happened . "


Did Kai just Flip Louis ? Liam and I surrendered " Hm you know Martial Arts? " " Duh , How'd you think I flipped him . I'm a 3rd degree black belt , Me and my brother been learning Martial arts since we were 12 . " I quickly stepped back . Liam was about to say something when a doctor came and barged in .'' Who is the relative of Alex Miller? '' '' Me ! Ashley Miller  is she okay ?'' " Her cut is pretty deep , since her impact was hard . there is a 100% chance she will lose her memory except for her Acquaintances but right now she is in a comma . " " When will she wake up? " Her voice started trembling , tears were forming her eyes . " I don't exactly know Ms Miller , but let's just hope she would wake up earlier than we expect." " Thank you doc. "


My knees went numb , I had a total break down . My sister, my lovable , sweet and young sister will forget everything? , I don't know how to say this to Nicko and my parents back home . Me and Nicko has been taking care of her since the day Ally left us and went to Paris , I can't take this . I have to go home , they have to be here when she wakes up . " I have to go back to Singapore . " Louis looked up " What ? " " I said I wanna go back to Singapore , My family needs to know babe ." " Okay sure , I'll come with you . " " No Harry I want Harry to come . " " Why is that? " " I need someone I can trust here . " " Okay if you say so love. " Louis kissed me on the cheek afterwards.

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