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2. Chapter Two

Dakota woke up with the worst headache she's ever had. The sunlight gleaming in through the window felt like knifes going into her head making her pain way worse than it needed to be. Dakota stood up and walked over to the blinds when she forcefully closed them. She laid back down shoving the pillow over her face when she heard a soft knock at her door. The knock pierced Dakota's ears as her head pounded.


The door slowly opened.

"Baby? I need to talk to you."

"What is it?"


Dakota sat up and leaned against her back against her wooden headboard clutching her pillow in her arms.

"While I was on vacation I met someone. A girl."

"Who was it? Ooh was it someone famous?"

Dakota was always such a positive person and she never saw the bad in people. She made the best out of every situation no matter what, so she was thinking nothing about him meeting a girl.

"Not exactly. I met her at the beach and I took her back to the hotel and things went to far."

"Like how much too far? Did you kiss her?"

"I had sex with her Dakota. I cheated on you and I seriously regret it. Honestly."

Dakota sat still with her lips pressed together forming a white line around her bottom lip. She sat in silence before a tear escaped her eye.

"Babe, don't cry."

"Don't touch me! And don't call me babe! How could you do this to me Scott? I thought we had something! Something strong! Wow, this just proves how blind sided I am. I was blinded by love. How could you do this when you know that I am at home waiting for you to get back?"

"Dakota just let me explain."

"No. I will not listen to this."

Dakota shot up off the bed and grabbed her purse.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?"

"Ok first of all don't you dare talk to me like that! Second, you cheated on me! I'm leaving. I'm going home and don't even bother following me."

"Ok leave, but if you do your life is over. I will tell everyone what really happened to Mollie's parents that night."

"Scott, stop. Don't you fucking dare turn this around on me! You had sex with another girl on vacation!"

"Yeah, and you killed you best friend's parents!"

"You know that was an accident Scott. I'm leaving."

Dakota left, her eyes full of tears and her head pounding more than ever. She walked down the hall and out the front door not bothering to tell anyone where she was going. When she got home, she pressed her back against the front door and slid down it until she meets the floor. Dakota slammed her fist onto the door causing a dent. Her eyes were puffy from crying and she still had her club clothes from the drunken night before. Would Scott really tell Mollie what happened? Dakota stood up and paced back and forth until she heard a frantic knock on her door.

"Go away!"

"Dakota, it's me. Mollie. Open up!"

"Sorry, I thought you were Scott. Listen, I love ya Mollie but I don't feel like talking right now."

"C'mon, I have something that will cheer you up!" Mollie sang cheerfully.

Dakota slowly opened the door and smiled. Even though when Dakota was upset, Mollie ALWAYS made it better.

Mollie took Dakota's hand and led her to the couch.

"Tell me what happened."

"Scott. He cheated on me while he was on vacation."

"Oh my god what an asshole! Why would he do that?"

"I don't know, but I don't want to think about him or the situation. What do you have for me?"

"Oh, I am so sorry Dee. I'm not sure my surprise will make you much happier, but here ya go."

Mollie threw a orange envelope on Dakota's lap and sarcastically frowned. Dakota slowly slipped the metal tabs off of the envelope and looked at Mollie.

"Hurry up and open it! Your killing me over here!"

"I'm hurrying!"

Dakota opened it and found two slips of paper inside. Her eyes widened with shock and her heart was racing.

"You didn't!"

"I did!"

The girls screamed with excitement.

"How could you afford two front row One Direction tickets?"

"Doesn't matter! We're going to see One Direction next week!"

"Oh my god I love you!"

Dakota hugged Mollie for what seemed like forever until pulling away with the tickets still in her tight grasp. There's only one thing to do before a concert. Shopping! Dakota gave Mollie a look as if she was sending her a telepathic message and Mollie must've got it because they both jumped up and headed to their favorite store, Diamond Universe. The funny thing about Diamond Universe is that they don't sell diamonds. They sell really expensive, top brand clothes and shoes.

The girls roamed through the store for several hours not knowing what to wear. Dakota was more of a dressy person and Mollie was more of a casual sweater and skinny jean person. Dakota paced from one outfit to the next losing hope of finding the perfect outfit until she came upon one that stole her sight from the rest. It wasn't her normal style, but she loved it. It was a loose, pink, strapless dress that went about to her mid-thigh. The color was beautiful and Dakota knew she needed to try it on, but she needed accesories. She found a jeaned jacket, a beaded turqouise bracelet, white, open-toed heels, a brown, silk purse, and to top it off she found some black sunglasses. Dakota walked into the dressing room holding her merchandise proudly.

"Come out and let me see Dakota!"

"I'm coming! How do I look?"

Dakota stood there holding her silky, brown purse in one hand and smoothing her dress with the other.

"Wow, I was expecting something majorly dressy. Ya know like your normal style, but I like this a lot better!"

"Really? It feels like its missing something."

"Maybe a hat?"

"Yes! A beanie."

"A beanie?"

Dakota walked over to a shelf of hats. She scrolled frantically through the hats until she found a lacy, black beanie that she'd seen the other day when she was here. Dakota slipped on the hat and smiled.

"I'm going to curl my hair Mol."

"Yeah, me too. You look absoulutely 1d worthy."

"Thanks! What's your outfit?"

"I'll go try it on. Be right back!"

Mollie went into the dressing room and soon enough came out. She was wearing a mid-thigh length, strapless, red dress with a white mini jacket, some red high heels, a soft, white purse, and a ruby red ring. Mollie was way out of her style, but she looked gorgeous! 

"And you say this isn't close to my style? You look gorgeous Mollie!"


Mollie blushed and the girls went to change out of the clothes and headed towards the back of the store to pay.

"I wonder how much this is going to cost Mol."

"I know, but at least we'll look great for the concert!"

"The total is $573.83."

"Holy crap! I can't afford this Mollie!"

"I'll pay half."

"Thanks and have a great day girls."

Dakota and Mollie walked out of the store and out to the parking lot when they drove home. Next week was going to be the best night of their lives. Or so they thought.



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