Niall Horan Fanfic :)

Read and find out ;) The co-author of this story is @Foreveradirectioner172. She's insanely funny and we will probaby be doing more stories together so if you like this one then read our others once we write them. Check out her stuff too. There are some VERY sexual things in here just to warn you. Please favorite and like :)


3. Chapter Three

trIt was Friday night. The night if the concert. Dakota was already dressed and she was in the bathroom curling her wavy, brown hair. Mollie was already dressed and putting on a quick brush of eyeshadow and mascara. She never had to do her hair unless she wanted to straighten it. It seemed like she never had bed-head no matter what she did. "I'm so excited! We're going to be front row at a One Direction concert!" Dakota hurried into her room and strapped on her white heels. "I know Dee! I can barely put my mascara on I'm shaking so bad!" "Hurry up Mol!" "Hang on! Ok, there! I'm done. Let's go!" The girls grabbed their purses and the keys and ran out of the door the best they could with their heels on. The whole car ride there was intense. Dakota couldn't keep still and Mollie couldn't keep from talking. Every now and then Dakota would miss a turn, but they were a hour early so it didn't effect time too much. "Oh my gosh! We're here Mollie! I can't believe we're going to see One Direction!" "I know Dee! C'mon!" They clutched eachothers arms and ran inside to their seats in the front. "Hey Mol? What if one of them touches our hands?" "Oh my god, I'd pass out!" "I know right! It's getting crowded in here! That means it's about to start!" The noise of crazed fans was just ear piercing. Dakota and Mollie were squished up against the stage since all the fans were behind them and they weren't complaining at all. Everything went dark and everybody was chanting "One Direction!" over and over again for what seemed like forever. Dakota and Mollie were getting very impatient at this point. All they wanted was to see their five favorite guys right now! Finally, a few stage lights came on and you could see the formation of five guys behind a screen. Every girl screamed their lungs out and were pushing eachother to get up front. The screen sparked the words "One Direction: Up All Night Tour" and the screaming got more intense everytime something different happened. After a minute, the screen slowly raised up and lights shined towards the boys. Dakota had Mollie's hand in a very tight squeeze as they screamed. Dakota was almost crying when the boys started singing 'Stole My Heart'. Damn these boys were hyper! Dakota knew they were hyper but not this hyper! The song was over and Niall began speaking. "How we doing tonight?!" Dakota and Mollie screamed as loud as the could. "Our next song goes out a special lady in front row!" Niall turned his head towards Dakota and winked. This made the girl's hearts almost explode. Could Niall, Niall Horan, THE Niall Horan really have winked at Dakota? Mollie looked at Dakota and nudged her when Dakota blushed. All the boys sat on the couch in the middle of the stage and started singing 'More Than This'. Everyone had their hands up waving from side to side along with the rhythm of the music. Dakota had her hands up watching Niall's every move all the way up to his solo. A few seconds before Niall's solo, he walke over to the edge of the stage where Dakota was and knelt down, grabbed Dakoa's hand, and began singing his part. Every word just flowed smoothly through Niall's mouth and his grasp on Dakota's hand got tighter and tighter when Dakota began to cry. "If I'm louder, would you see me? Would you lay down, in my arms and rescue me? Cause we are, the same. You save me, but when you leave it's gone again." Niall let go and Dakota stood there with her eyes an mouth wide open in shock. She couldn't believe what just happened and she ignored everything around her except the fact that Niall couldn't keep his eyes off of her. The concert was over. The boys did Up All Night for their final song and it was epic! Beach balls were flying everywhere and the boys were acting crazy! Dakota just couldn't get over the fact that Niall still had his eyes locked on her. Mollie and Dakota walked out of the arena and stood against the arena wall so they could let te crowd clear out a little. "Dakota?" "What?" "What do you mean what? NIALL HORAN SANG TO YOU AND COULDN'T KEEP HIS EYES OFF OF YOU!" "Oh yeah, almost forgot about that." "Uh huh." Dakota was blushing and playing with her fake nails as she smiled. It was 2:00am and the crowd had lightened up. "We better go Mol." "Ok. Let's go the back way." Mollie lead Dakota around the back of the arena when they ran into the One Direction boys. Dakota looked around and Niall wasn't there. "Hi guys! We are huge fans!" "Mollie, calm down." "How can I keep calm?" "Hey lovelies. I'm Harry. That's Zayn, Louis, and Liam." "Where's Niall?" "Are you the girl Niall sang to?" "Yes." "Niall was right. Your cute when you blush." "Thanks." "What's your name?" "Dakota. Dakota Caesar." "Hello Dakota. Can you come with me for a second?" "Sure!" Harry held out his arm and Dakota linked her arm in his. "Hey Dee? I'm going home. See you later!" "No Mol stay!" "I can't Dee." Mollie left and the four boys took Dakota into the arena and backstage. Once they got in there, all the boys went to the tour bus except Harry. "Dakota, he's in there. Go talk to him." "Really?" "Yes, go!" Harry pointed to a red, steel door with a brass doorknob. Dakota slowly walked up to the door and when she was about to open it she turned back to Harry but he was gone. Dakota slowly opened the door and walked in to what looked like a room full of absolutely nothing. "Niall?" There wasn't an answer. Dakota started walking slowly through the room. She took off her heels because they were killing her feet. The nice black carpet felt good in-between her toes. The room did have a few pictures on the walls. Dakota saw one piticular one that made her cry. It was a picture of all of the boys with a fan besides Niall. Dakota studied the picture and placed her hand softly on the picture where Niall was. "It's ok Niall. I love you." She whispered softly before a tear escaped and she turned around to pick up her shoes and leave. Dakota pick up her shoes and saw an extra pair of feet by her causing her to scream. She slapped her hand over her chest and started breathing heavily. "Sorry love. Did I scare you?" Dakota swallowed and shook her head sarcastically. "I saw you looking at that picture over there." "Oh you did? I'm sorry." Niall had his hands in his pockets when he walked over to examine the picture. "It's fine. It's sweet what you said by the way." "Jesus, you heard that? How embarrassing!" "Don't be embarrassed! It was very sweet." Dakota walked up next to Niall and looked up at him. "I've always fancied you Niall. This picture hurts me. Your a sweet and damn hilarious guy!" Niall chuckled and looked down at Dakota. She was a lot shorter than Niall without her heels on. "Your very beautiful Dakota." "Thanks. Wait, how'd you know my name?" "Your on my Twitter." "Ah, yes." "Hey, do you want to go out sometime? Like maybe next Friday we could go to the club?" Dakota was in shock. She didn't know how to control it. She clenched her fists trying to control herself from screaming massivly. "That'd be great Niall." "Around 10? Meet you there?" "I'll be there." Niall smiled and Dakota grabbed her shoes and left when she realized she had no ride home. She calls Mollie and asks her to pick her up. "Hey Mol, thanks for picking me up. I know it's late." "No problem. What happened in there? You can't stop smiling. I know that smile." "I have a date with Niall next Friday night." "You WHAT?!" Mollie slams on her brakes and shoots her head over to Dakota. Dakota just smiles and remembers what happened inside the arena. The girls drove off and went to bed as soon as they got home. Well Mollie went to bed just fine. Dakota on the other hand couldn't get a wink of sleep considering the fact that she has a date with Niall just caught up with her. Dakota's phone vibrated. It was Scott. Dakota didn't answer. He called again and again she didn't answer. She laid her phone on her bed side table and fell asleep.

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