Niall Horan Fanfic :)

Read and find out ;) The co-author of this story is @Foreveradirectioner172. She's insanely funny and we will probaby be doing more stories together so if you like this one then read our others once we write them. Check out her stuff too. There are some VERY sexual things in here just to warn you. Please favorite and like :)


6. Chapter Six

*A Few Weeks Later*

Niall and Mollie had spent all day watching movies and it was now 11:00pm and Mollie had fallen asleep in Niall's lap. He decides to wake her up so they can go upstairs and go to bed. He shoves her lightly on the shoulder and she opens her eyes with a flutter.

"Hey babe let's go upstairs and go to bed."

Mollie sits up and stretches her arms above her head.

"Ok Ni."

Niall grabs Mollie's hand and walks upstairs to her bedroom. Once they get in there, Mollie starts walking towards the bed until Niall grabs her waist forcefully and spins her around. Mollie gently sets her hands on Niall's chest.

"W-what are you doing?"

Without a reply, Niall kisses Mollie gently causing her to get goosebumps.

"Cold babe?"

Mollie shakes her head with embarrassment and kisses Niall again while putting her index finger in his belt loop. They slowly walk over to the side of the bed with their lips still locked. Niall lays Mollie down on the bed and takes his shirt off then throws it in a random direction. Mollie grabs Niall's button on his pants while he's still standing and she sits up.

"You ready for this babe?"

Mollie nods while biting her lip then un-does his pants and pulls them off along with his underwear. Niall kicks his pants to the side and slides Mollie's shirt off and lays on top of her kissing her as he pulled her jeaned shorts and underwear off. When Niall tried to get the bra clasp undone, he got it stuck in Mollie's hair causing her to scream in pain.

"Oh my gosh babe I'm sorry! Well that ruins the mood."

"Haha, no it doesn't. Come here."

Mollie pulls Niall back on top of her. Now their naked bodies are smashed up against each other. Niall slides his hand down Mollie's skinny body causing the goosebumps to come back. He looks up at Mollie to see her biting her lip and her hands over her chest. Niall leaves soft kisses all the way down Mollie's body until he reaches her thighs. He puts each of his hands on both sides of her inner thigh and pushes them open. He softly kisses up from her knee to her hip on the inside of her leg which made Mollie squirm majorly. He knew he was teasing her and he chuckled whenever she squirmed. Niall kept teasing until Mollie put her hand gently over Niall's head meaning that she wanted him to stop teasing her and move on. That's when Niall moved up to her vagina and proceeded to lick her slowly as he heard a moan of relief from Mollie. Mollie gripped Niall's hair and Niall sped up his speed which made Mollie moan louder and louder. Niall stopped and Mollie moved over with her head on some pillows and her legs wide open. Niall walked over to the table that his bag was on and slipped a condom on then got on the bed in front of Mollie who was biting her lip once again. He bent down a few inches from Mollie's face and kissed her roughly on the lips then entered her which made Mollie squint with a little pain. Niall stopped and pulled out.

"You ok baby?"

"Yeah Ni. Don't worry about me."

Niall enters her once more with a faster pace and they both let out a loud moan. Niall once again speeds up and is now at rapid speed causing Mollie to moan like crazy.


Niall lays on top of Mollie still inside of her and puts his lips softly against her ear and whispers,

"Say my name again. Louder."

Mollie does what she was told and screams his name as she lightly scratches down Niall's back. Niall slows down but just a little bit. He sits up and puts his hands on Mollie's hips and starts to speed up again when Zayn walks in.


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