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7. Chapter Seven

Zayn's POV

I was sitting in my room watching TV. I was about to drift off into a deep sleep, but my eyes popped open when I heard a loud scream come from Mollie's room. What was wrong with her? Was she hurt!? I had no clue, but I needed to find out.

I jumped out of my bed, ran out of my room, and down the hall to Mollie's room. I took a deep breath and turned the door knob.

I oped the door and stepped in. When I looked up...I wasnt enjoying what I saw....

Mollie's POV

Niall was still in and on me. He started going faster again, but then I heard something at the door. The knob started turning, the door opened...and then Zayn walked in.

"Shit!! Im so sorry guys!" He said with wide eyes and a discusted look on his face.

He ran out of the room and slammed the door behind him.

I looked away from where Zayn was standing and up at Niall. Niall looked away from where Zayn was too and down at me.

I didn't really know why but I started getting teary eyed. I guess Niall noticed cause he said, "Mollie..." under his breath like he was dissapointed or something.

I didnt care if he was still in me, I hopped up off the bed. I heard him grunt when I got up.

I threw on my clothes and ran out of the room, and out the front door. I was never humiliated.

"MOLLIE!!" I heard Niall scream after me. I didn't listen, I just kept on running.

I was crying at this point. I honestly couldn't believe Zayn, had just seen me and Niall doing 'it'.....also he had seen me completley naked. That thought stung my stomach, and made me feel worse.

I had to sit down, my legs where killing me. I was hoping Niall wouldn't find me. I just wanted to be alone right now. But my hope didn't work..

"MOLLIE!" I heared Niall scream right before he sat down next to me.

He pulled me to a hug, and I started crying even harder and louder.

"Shh,'s okay why are even crying?"

"Z-zayn wa-walked i-i-in and s-saw me- me-" I said but he cut me off at the end.

"Yeah, I know. Its okay. He will get over it, Mollie."

I didnt say anything, I just sat with my head in his chest until I calmed down.

He got up and held out his hand for me to take it.

"Come on." He said

Niall's POV

I stood up and held out my hand for her to grab it.

"Come on." I said to her.

She took my hand and stood up. I grabbed her hand as we walked back....but she didnt hold it back.

What was wrong with her? Did I do something wrong?

We finally arrived back at the flat. I was thinking about continuing from where we left off, but she looked too tired......and she was acting quite funny. I didnt know why. She didnt say a word.

We just went back up stairs and she crawled into the bed. I crawled into it next to her, and turned to face her. She was turned the other way. What!? We always cuddled and held each other when going to sleep.

Something was definetly wrong with her......I was going to find out as soon as we wake up tomorrow...

---Hey! Me, Foreveradirectioner172 wrote this chapter! I hope you enjoyed it! We will try and update later today or tomorrow!!:):):)---

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