Niall Horan Fanfic :)

Read and find out ;) The co-author of this story is @Foreveradirectioner172. She's insanely funny and we will probaby be doing more stories together so if you like this one then read our others once we write them. Check out her stuff too. There are some VERY sexual things in here just to warn you. Please favorite and like :)


1. Chapter One

 Dakota Caesar picked up her phone excited to see that it was her boyfriend, Scott Butler. She stands up and answers excitedly.

"Hey Scotty! Where are you? We have to be at the club to meet Mollie and AJ in twenty minutes!"

"Haha, chill out babe! I'm almost there so get ready! I'll be there in five minutes, love you."

"Love you!"

Dakota hangs up the phone, grabs her purse, and runs outside. She's wearing a long sleeved, pink, v-neck dress with black pumps and a silver, heart necklace that Scott had given her. Her hair was a chesnut color and it was slightly wavy. Mollie is Dakota's best friend from second grade and she was tall, skinny, and she had beautiful, long, blonde hair with loose curls. Mollie had really long, bushy eyelashes and her skin tone was always perfect. Dakota's always teasing her about how perfect she was. AJ is Dakota's brother and Mollie's close friend.

Dakota stands there with the gold chain of her purse clutched in her hand. She was so excited to finally spend time with Scott considering she hasn't seen him in several weeks due to him being on vacation. Dakota stood impatiently on her front porch. The wood creaking from her leg shaking with excitement and the sound of crickets in the night. Dakota continuously checked her phone. It was 11:48pm when she finally saw the lights brimming from the headlights of Scott's car causing her to squint. Dakota ran to the car and jumped into the car while giving her boyfriend a long, passionate kiss before leaving for the club.

"Scotty, you have no idea how much I have missed you! It was so damn hard being here without you for so long."

"Yeah babe, I've missed you more than ever!"

Scott grabs Dakota's hand and drove to the club. Once they get there, Scott gets out and opens the door for Dakota to get out of the car. Mollie and AJ were standing in front of the club talking into each others ears secretivly until they saw Dakota and Scott. Dakota ran up to Mollie and did their 'secret handshake' and kissed each others two cheeks.

"Hey Mollie! Ready to go party girl?"

"Hell yeah! Let's go!"

The four of them ran inside, Dakota and Mollie ran faster than AJ and Scott and the girls were first on the dance floor. Everyone was having a good time dancing to the club version of Call Me Maybe when Scott and AJ said they were going to go to the bar and have some drinks. They were lucky to have left when they did because otherwise they would've been trampled by screaming girls when One Direction's Live While We're Young came on by request. Mollie and Dakota were probably the most dedicated directioners out of the whole directioner family and that wasn't exaggerating, not one bit.

"Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun! I know we only met but let's pretend it's love! And never, never, never stop for anyone! Tonight let's get some, and live while we're young!"

Mollie and Dakota were the loudest out of all the screaming girls there. They both had a pretty good singing voice and they're always wanting to enter singing contests but they never get the chance to. Meanwhile, AJ and Scott were having drinks and mocking the screaming girls.

"Hey AJ?"


"I know Dakota's your sister, but what I'm fixing to tell you needs to stay between you and I. Got it?"

"Yeah bro, what's going on?"

"I cheated on Dakota."


"Shhh man!"

"With who? And when?"

"I was on vacation a couple weeks back and I met this girl named Abbey. We got to talking and I took her back to my hotel and I think you know what happened from there and out."

"Scott, Dakota's my sister. I can't just not tell her that her boyfriend that she loves very much cheated on her with a random girl."

"AJ you can't tell her! It was a mistake!"

AJ rolls his eyes and takes one more shot of vodka then looks over at Dakota.

"Look, since your my best guy friend I'll make you a deal. I won't tell her, but you will. I'll give you two weeks to tell her before I do. She's my sister and I can't let this happen to her."

"You won't tell me what AJ?"

Dakota walks up to her brother breathing heavily because of all the dancing and screaming she had done. Her voice was chirpy and loud trying to talk over the music. She slaps her hand on AJ's back and grabs another shot of vodka.

"You know what? I don't even want to know. Come on boys let's dance!"

"Dakota, I think you've had enough to drink. Let's go home. Scott, go get Mollie and we'll meet you by the front entry."

Scott swarmed through the crowd of people trying to find Mollie until he bumped into a red headed girl dressed in a black, tight, mini dress. It was Abbey, the girl Scott had cheated with. He swept by her like she was nothing.

"Mollie!" Scott screamed.


"Time to go! Dakota's had a few to many drinks!"

"Oh ok!"

Mollie leads Scott through the crowd and out the front door where they meet AJ and Dakota. They drive home and they all stay at Scott's place where they all go to seperate rooms and drift off to sleep. The house seems desolate. The shadows of the trees outside bounce across the wall through the windows and the house is silent other than the soft whispers of people breathing softly. Everything seemed perfect. Dakota finally saw her boyfriend after a few weeks and they all went out for a night of fun that they all desperately needed. Everything was up to par. Until morning came.


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