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Read and find out ;) The co-author of this story is @Foreveradirectioner172. She's insanely funny and we will probaby be doing more stories together so if you like this one then read our others once we write them. Check out her stuff too. There are some VERY sexual things in here just to warn you. Please favorite and like :)


9. Chapter Nine

The paramedics came to the house and lifted Niall up on the gernie. They asked if I wanted to ride in the ambulance with them and I said yes. When I got into the ambulance, I decided to call Dakota.

"Hello?" She answered sounding like she'd been crying. The news I was about to give her was seriously not wanting to come out of my mouth but it has to.

"Um hi Dakota. I've got some bad news." I stuttered.

"What's wrong Zayn?"

"Well um, when I walked into Niall's flat, I saw him holding scissor blades up to his neck. And before I could stop him he.. Well he.. Cut his throat."

"Zayn, don't even say that! Niall wouldn't do that!" She yelled.

"I'm serious."

Tears fought to come out but I refused to let them. I had to stay strong for Dakota's sake.

"Oh my god. Where the hell is he?!" Dakota was screaming and I could tell she was short of breath.

"We're on our way to the hospital."

"I'm on my way."

Dakota hung up the phone and I looked over at the paramedics trying to stop the bleeding from his neck. If Niall died I honestly don't know what I'd do.


It's been 45 minutes since we've arrived at the hospital and I can't stop pacing back and forth. I hear a door slam open and I turn around to see Dakota running in towards me.

"Where is he Zayn?!" She yelled.

"He's-he's in there but they won't let me see him yet."

I grabbed her and pulled her in for a hug. My hand laid softly on the back of her neck and I rubbed her back with the other. She was crying so hard and I felt helpless not knowing how to calm her down. Every sob got heavier and heavier each time I said 'shh' in her ear.

"Dakota, shh, it'll be ok. Niall is a strong person." I whispered.

She pulled up and anger filled her eyes.

"No it won't Zayn! He did this to himself because of what WE did! Do you not realise that?! I need to see him, NOW!" 

"No Dakota! We can't see him now chill out!"

Before she could run, I grabbed her arm and sat her down. She looked at me with a rather evil look which I didn't really care. Soon after, the doctor walked out and asked for us. We walked up to him and he smiled.

"You two here for Mr. Horan?"

"Yes. How is he?" Dakota asked.

"Well, we got there just in time but he's in critical condition. You may go visit him but don't be in there too long. Room 278. Down that hall and take a right."

"Thank you so much, sir." I said before running off down the hall with Dakota.

We found the room and Dakota slammed the door open running to he side of Niall's bed. He had a breathing tube and was unconsious.

-Dakota's Point Of View-

There he was. Laying in the most uncomfortable looking bed I think i've ever seen. I pulled a chair beside the bed and grabbed his hand placing it in mine. Tears rolled down my cheeks one after another everytime I looked at him. I laid my head on his chest and listened to his soft breathing.

"Niall I am so, so, so sorry. This is all my fault." I whispered.

I stayed on Niall's chest for a good 10 minutes before falling asleep. I didn't want to leave him, but I knew that the doctor would be here soon to tell me I had to. How could all of this happen so quickly? And to Niall out of all people.

Hey ninjas! It's Niall's Irish Babe here. I know this is a really suckish chappie, but I have writer's block and I have no idea what to build off of this. Next chappie will be better, I promise. And I'm sorry we haven't updated in so long. By the way, who's got the new Take Me Home album? Awesome right? Anyways, enjoy my ninjas! Love you guys!

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