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4. Chapter Four

Days had gone by and it was finally Friday night. Dakota had two hours until she needed to be at the club so she decided to go ahead and take her time perfecting her outfit. Dakota slipped on her silky, strapless, dark purple dress with a black belt at the waist. She also had her favorite black pumps, some diamond dangly earrings, and a black, leather purse. Dakota straightened her long, curly hair and brushed on some mascara and some black eyeshadow. By the time she had finished perfecting her look, she'd taken up an hour and 45 minutes. Dakota jumped out of her styling chair and ran out the door when Mollie followed her out.

"Where are you going this late?"

"I have that date with Niall remember?"

"Oh yeah. Have a good time."

Before Dakota could reply Mollie had shut the door. Dakota looked at the door puzzled, but then soon jumped into the car and left. When she pulled into the parking lot she saw Niall standing by the door looking sexier than ever. Goosebumps crawled up her skin which made her shiver. She pulled the key out of the ignition and sat there for a minute. She had no idea what to say or do.

Dakota got out of her car a walked up to Niall.

"Hey Niall."

"Hey Dakota. You look absoulutely stunning. Ready to go?"

"Thanks and yes!"

Niall wrapped his arm around Dakota and takes her to the bar. All the memories of Scott at the club came back at once.

"What's wrong Dakota?"

"Nothing. Excuse me? Can I get some more vodka?"

"Woah babe. Take it slow. Tell me what's wrong."

"I said nothing."

Dakota was feeling bad for snapping at Niall but she was also annoyed by all the questions he was asking.

"You know what? I'm sorry Niall, let's go dance."

"It's fine."

Live While We're Young came on.

"Why are you making that face Dakota?"

"Oh haha, I'm trying not to fangirl about the song thats on in front of you."

"Oh haha that's actually quite cute."

"Oh really?"

Niall smiled and put his hands on Dakota's waist and they danced wildly. Dakota threw her hands up and moved her hips in sync with Niall's hands. Everything was going great until the wrong person showed up. Scott.

"Hey ex girlfriend!"

"Go away Scott."

"Who's this? Your boyfriend?"

"Man, she said go away."

"Oh so your protecting her? Do you know that-"

"Scott no!"

"Do you know her secret?"

"We just started going out. Leave her alone."

"She killed her best friend's parents!"

The club grew quiet as everyone turned to face Dakota including Niall. How could Scott just yell that out in front of everyone? Dakota looked at Niall and began to cry. Niall didn't even try to comfort her. She could tell he was mad.

"Everyone just stop looking at me!"

Dakota grabbed her purse out of Niall's hand and ran out of the club. Scott followed.

"How could you do this to me Scott?"

Dakota slapped her fist against his chest.

"Chill out babe! You knew it was coming. I told you to come back to me and you didn't."

"Scott, you were in the car too so don't even fucking blame me! Why would you ruin my life like this? I hate you!"

Dakota ran to her car and before she could drive off she slammed her head on the steering wheel and started crying. A few minutes later she heard a knock at her window. It was Niall. He was the last person she wanted to see, but she opened her door and got out.

"Is it true?"


"No, is it true?"

"Yes ok! It's true! Last year Scott and I were driving home drunk. I wasn't paying attention and I slammed into a car causing it to flip into a tree. I was scared so I drove off and no one ever knew."

Niall was speechless. He had his hand over his mouth shocked.

"You killed someone and never fessed up?"

"Niall it's not that easy."

"I have to go."

"No Niall wait!"

Niall walked away kicking rocks as he walked. Dakota drove up into her drive way and saw a bunch of paperazzi in the drive way. Dakota got out of her car and walked up to her front door crowded by news broadcasters.

"Ms. Caesar, is it true that you killed your best friend's mom?"

Mollie walked out at the wrong time.

"What are they talking about Dakota?"

"Mollie, go back inside."

"Mollie, have you heard about the rumors that your best friend was behind the wheel of the car killing your mother?"

"Everyone go away or the cops will be here! Now!"

Everyone left and Mollie stood at the door with her arms crossed.

"Mollie, don't listen to them."

"How come I'm hearing that you killed my mom? It's all over the news and people have been texting me. What happened? Tell me!"

"Fine. Scott and I were driving home drunk when we hit your moms car. I was scared so I just left and never came back."

Mollie began crying. She ran inside and slammed the door.

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