1D Imagines

This is going to be full of cute little imagines, if you want one just comment about yourself and who you would like it with. Also, I'm going to let everyone have a maximum of two imagines. Love ya xx


20. Zayn for Oli


You walked down the hall with your best friend, B/F/N(bestfriendsname). As you turned the corner you saw your so called boyfriend snogging the one girl you hated most.

Your friend  gasped as she noticed what you were looking at. You stopped dead in your tracks and dropped all the books in your hands.

"Hey, hey, Oli, he didn't even deserve you. Its ok babe" she says placing her arm around you.

You immediately break into tears. You thought you loved this boy and he loved you.

Your eyes are glued to him as he notices you and tries to make an excuse.

"Oli, wait, i-its not what it looked like!" he says to you as you run away into the girls bathroom.


You walk slowly down the streets of London. There was nothing more you felt like doing. You wtached the cars go by, the people shuffle down the streets in mobs and walked mindlessly into Starbucks.

You walked to the corner of the cafe and sat alone in a booth. Suddenly, a very good looking boy with dark hair and a varsity jacket comes towards you.

"Uh, is this seat taken?" he says, pointing opposite you.

"N-no, go for it" you say, faking a smile.

"Thanks"he says with a heart melting smile.

"So, what's your name?" you ask.

"Zayn, what's yours love?" he says sweetly.

"Oli" you say trying to look as cheerful as him.

"What a beautiful name" he says.

You feel your cheeks flush into a deep pink.

"Hehe, thanks, so why'd you come over here? There are other spots here you know" you say looking at him with a confused look.

"Well, honestly?" he says, looking down at his polystyrene cup.

"Honesty would be nice" you say.

"Hah, well honestly...I think you're a fit girl who looked upset and I felt like I needed to help in some way" he says quietly.

"Y-you..."You couldn't say much more before crying....yet again.

"Hey, its alright, " he says, walking to your side of the table and sitting next to you.

"I-i'm s-sorry, you shouldn't be w-worrying ab-bout me" you manage to stutter through sobs.

"Hey,hey don't worry about that now, just tell me what happened?"he whispered in your ear.

He gently rubbed your shoulder as you told him about what your ex had done that day.

"Love, don't worry, I'm sure that guy wasn't worth it anyway" he says afterwards.

"I tell you what's funny...I barely know you, but I feel like I could talk to you about a-"

You are interrupted by Zayn's lips pressing against yours. His kiss feels like nothing you've felt before, it's more that fireworks,so much more that it's indescribable. 

Slowly, you both pull away and gaze into each others eyes.

You sit in silence until you decide to exchange phone numbers and hopefully meet again the next day.

You knew this was the beginning of something amazing.


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