1D Imagines

This is going to be full of cute little imagines, if you want one just comment about yourself and who you would like it with. Also, I'm going to let everyone have a maximum of two imagines. Love ya xx


12. Niall for Berenice

You drove off into the setting sun.

You were afraid you were going to be late, but right now, you couldn't care less. You best friend Niall, who you always secretly liked finally asked you out on a proper date. You had waited for this moment for years and wondered whether Niall liked you back for a long time.

You felt your hair stop whipping around in the breeze and fall down your back as you glided to a halt. You practically jumped out of the car and walked briskly into the fancy restaurant you and your other friend had always dreamed of having a date in.

"Berenice, over here" you hear as you walk past the counter.

You turn to where you hear the shout to see a handsome looking Niall. He wears a classy looking suit and you feel as though you haven't put in enough effort now.

You make your way to the little table for two and sit yourself down.

"Wow, you look amazing" Niall says as you sit down.

"Thank you, you're looking very handsome yourself" you remark, grabbing the menu and scanning through.


Once you finish your romantic dinner, Niall takes you hand and places a thin blindfold over your eyes.

"Where are you taking me ?" you ask, almost tripping in your heels.

"Can't tell you that" he says mysteriously.

You feel Niall's gentle touch pulling off the blind fold.

Your eyes are greeted by the stars. That was all you really noticed at first. Then everything else came into your vision. You are standing on a rooftop, looking over the majority of London.

"Wow" you say under your breath.

"This is for you my dear" he says.

"Niall. I love you" you say blushing a little.

Niall takes your hands in his soft grip and gives you a long kiss.

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