1D Imagines

This is going to be full of cute little imagines, if you want one just comment about yourself and who you would like it with. Also, I'm going to let everyone have a maximum of two imagines. Love ya xx


2. Niall #1

"I'm going to miss you" you say ,waving to Niall and his mates,while boarding the train.

"Bye babe!" he says, waving or should I say,shaking his arm as though there was pins and needles in it.

You blew them all a kiss before closing the door behind you. You walk down and find an empty booth with your friend Zoe.

"I still don't get it,you love him" she says,looking you in the eye.

"I don't 'love' him Zoe" you scoff.

"Don't lie to me Y/N, I know you too well" she says.

"Fine, I 'like' Niall, but I know he doesn't feel the same way." you say, frowning.

"Are you kidding? I've seen the way he looks at you!" she says a little to loud.

"Even if he did, would he have stopped me going, I mean he looked pretty happy when we boarded the train." I remember.

"It's because he's just like you babe, he's nervous and to scared to make the first move." she says wisely.

"Well,what am I supposed to do now, trains going to leave in-" you check your blue digital watch."10 minutes?" you say, not realizing how slowly time was going.

"You need to go, talk to Niall before we leave, this is potentially your last chance girl! Go!" she says, pointing harshly towards the door.

You turn and see someone, the last person you ever expected. Zayn.

"Um hi Zayn" you mumble.

"Hey Y/N, um,could you follow me for a second?" he asks mysteriously.

"Sure.." you reply.

You follow Zayn, who seems to know exactly where everything is on this train. He leads you down a narrow hall that leads to a large opening.

"Look up Y/N" he says.

You do as he says. Above is a glass ceiling,you can see the blue,cloudless sky above you. You notice some large writing only you can't make it out. You tilt your head and figure out what it says.

I Love You Y/N  FROM NIALL xx

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