1D Imagines

This is going to be full of cute little imagines, if you want one just comment about yourself and who you would like it with. Also, I'm going to let everyone have a maximum of two imagines. Love ya xx


4. Liam for J.K Bonk

"I reckon we should watch Toy Story!" your boyfriend Liam shouts.

"Not again Liam!" you say, grabbing a pillow.

"Oh is that how it's going to happen? A pillow fight?" he says grabbing one of his own.

"Winner takes all" you say whipping the pillow through the air.

"Deal" he says, chasing you around the couch.

You whack the pillow in in the air with a slight force, hitting Liam on his arm. He hits you back,yet not as hard.

Eventually you chase each other up stairs and into Liam's room and onto his soft double bed.

"Ragghh, I'm gonna get you Liam Payne!" you say, holding your pillow in the air.

"Not if I get you first!" he shouts,holding his pillow up like you.

He throws the pillow at you and you collapse onto the bed dramatically.

"Oh my god, are you Ok Kammy?" he says.

"I'm fine, but I could use a little something right now" you act.

He plants a massive on you lips, you feel a shot of energy ripple through you. You kiss him back and drop your pillow to hold his neck. You gently pull away, leaving you hand on his neck.

"I feel much better now" you whisper.

"Thats because I have healing powers" he jokes, pushing your jet black hair out of the way for another kiss.

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