1D Imagines

This is going to be full of cute little imagines, if you want one just comment about yourself and who you would like it with. Also, I'm going to let everyone have a maximum of two imagines. Love ya xx


14. Harry for Madalyn

"Hmm, what do you feel like?" says the cute boy you are currently waitressing.

"I'll have the chili chicken burger please!" the other cute blonde one says.

"I'll have one without chili please" the first boy says with a heart melting smile.

"Sure, anything else?" you say in your sweetest voice.

"Oh, I'll have a coke please!" the blonde boy says eagerly.

"Great, won't be a moment!" you say cheerily.

You walk behind the counter and give the cook the order slip. You grab the coke and walk slowly back to the table, weaving through all the others in your path. You hear the boys quietly talking to each other, just loud enough for you to 'overhear'. 

"She's really pretty!" whispers the boy with curly hair.

"I think she's into you" says the blonde.

"You think?" he says skeptically.

"Yeah mate, she looks at you the way someone who likes you would" he says cheekily punching him on the arm.

You walk over loud enough to get their attention.

"Hey thanks!" says the blonde sweetly.

"No worries" you say, giving the other boy a cheeky smile.

He gives you one back. You slowly make your way to a few other tables and take their orders.

You walk back to the counter and give the orders to the cook. By this time the two boys' order was ready. You picked it up and carefully made your way to the table.

Suddenly that curly haired boy bumps into you, sending the food across the room and both of you trip over. You land extremely close to each other, your lips mere centimeters apart.

"O-oh I'm so sorry! Let me help you!" he says standing up and extending his hand.

You accept his warm, strong hand and pick yourself up.

"It's OK, I'll just get a mop, don't worry about it."

"No, really it's all my fault" he says panicking.


"Please, let me fix this, where's the mop?" he interrupts.

"Its o-"

"Ahh, crap, why didn't I move?!" he says.

You were actually getting annoyed for him interrupting you over and over. You could only think of one way to shut him up.

You press your lips against his, realizing what the hell you're doing.

You quickly pull away.

"Well that shut you up" you say, walking back to where the mops were.

"No, I-I meant for that to happen. I really like you" he says nervously.

"Oh" you say, turning on your heel in surprise.

"Umm, any chance I could get your number?" he says more confidently.

"Y-yeah, I guess so" you stutter.

So that is how Hadalyn began.


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