This is my first fanfic, srry if its bad :\. Well its about a girl, isabelle shes niall horans best friend, they have been friends since they were born, they live right next to each other,but when niall goes to the x-factor what will happen to isabelle,does she have feelings for niall, to find out more read! :D


1. Introduction

(A/N: sorry if this is bad, its my first story)



     Hi, im Isabelle Andrews and as I said before i'm Niall Horan's best friend. I

live in Mullingar, Ireland. have long curly blonde hair with ocean blue eyes. I

think I'm fat but Niall always tells me I'm not and shouldn't go on a diet. Ever

since Niall left for the X-Factor I've been really lonely. I've made tons of friends

at school and theres this one guy named Alex who asked me out, of course i said

 yes. I mean who wouldn't, he's the most popular guy in school. His family is

rich and he is good looking,but when we kiss or touch i dont feel anything no

spark like in the movies, nothing at all. Alex doesn't even bother sitting with me

at lunch, I mean I know he's popular, but since were dating he should at least sit

with his own  girlfriend even if she sits at a table full of her friends, Haley,

Lindsey, Taylor, and Natalie. This girl is always flirting with him, her name is

Maria. She's the caption of the cheerleading squad, while I just play my guitar

and sing my lungs out when I cant tell anybody how I feel, I sing it out. I get

bullied, I cut, what does Alex even see in me anyway?

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