The Only Exception

Chantel is a 18 year old girl. She's punk and not afraid to show it. The last thing on her mind was love. Especially after her abusive relationship with her last boyfriend! Even the "word" love scares her now. She does however fall in love with a boy from a certain boyband and not even know he is in the band! Read to find out more!


1. Pilot

*Chantel's POV*

  It's a normal beginning to a normal boring day at my highschool. I go to my locker, get teased, try to hide scars, go to class, get teased some more, go to more classes and go home. But on my way i bumped into someone. Some guy with grey blue eyes and suspenders on. I thought i was one of the only ones in this town that still wears suspenders so i was really suprised to see him in them! he helped me pick up my books.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry! its all my fault!" he says in a very cute accent.

"No it was me. I should have been looking where I've been going." I replied quickly.

"Nonsense! A gentleman always takes blame for accidents like these!" he insists.

He is such a gentleman! its so nice to see boys like that.

"Ok.If u insist." I reply again.

"I'll walk u home as an apology. How does that sound.....ummmm....what is your name miss."

"Chantel" i say in the happiest tone i can because I hate my name and would do almost anything to change it.

"I'm Louis. Nice to meet you Chantel."

we talk for a long time about music and families and our intrests. he's a really nice guy but he isnt my type i dont think.he comes off strong and is more ' Hey! You! get in my bed now" then i thought he would be.

"Well heres my place" i say rather quitely.

"Dont be shy, love. I dont bite. Well unless you want me to of course." he says with a wink.

"ummm let's be friends for now ok?" i say a little louderso hecan hear me clearly.

" You'll change your mind eventally, Chantel! I promise you'll be in my bed one day." he replies loudly while walking away .

"In your dreams Louis Tomlinson!!!" I yell back to him.

"Oh you will be!!" he yells "Trust me......I'll be in yours too!!!"


AUTHORS NOTE: Should I make more? Please tell me if I should!

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