Don’t Make Wishes in Cemeteries Because They Might Come True

Chloe has lost the only person that has truly understood her, her boyfriend Hunter. While everyone in town is obsessing over his death, she's obsessing over the life that they once shared together.

Finding comfort in the cemetery in which Hunter was buried, Chloe finds that she's most comforted just being near him until she makes a wish that she never thought would come true.


8. Two & ½ Years Ago and A Plot


“It’s like a dream,” I said dropping onto my bed as if it were a cloud. “Why would he ever go out with me when there are so many better options?”

Morgan laughed and sat on my computer chair. “What are you talking about? The two of you have been together since you were twelve.”

I propped myself up on my arm. “Yeah but it was like kiddie stuff. Now we’re getting… intimate. It’s real.”

My stomach turned. It was an amazing feeling being with the one person I’d ever had feelings for but it was also a horrible feeling because of how vulnerable I was. What if he cheated on me? What if he found someone else that he fell head over heels for? I wouldn’t be able to deal with it, I’d invested so much of my heart in one place.

“Well, I know one person who’s not happy about it.”

“What? Who?”

“Joey Grazic. He’s been crushing on you forever. You can’t tell me you haven’t seen him following you around like a lost puppy for the past year and a half.”

I hadn’t noticed. I was too distracted following Hunter around the same way. “It happens.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Some people get lucky and some don’t. I did.”

I hated the way the words sounded when they came out of my mouth. I wasn’t trying to be mean but it annoyed me that Morgan would bring it up, as if I was supposed to feel guilty.

“You’re just so wrapped up in what you think you feel for Hunter. I mean, you haven’t dated anyone else. How do you know that he’s the one?”

Okay, her attitude was starting to get on my nerves. “I don’t know if he’s the one. I can’t tell the future, but right now I want to be with him. Why would I ruin something that could possibly be epic for someone who I don’t even like, romantically speaking.”

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled – the smile she smiled when she was plotting something devious. I didn’t know why I was friends with her. Maybe it was because I’d known her since we were playing in sandboxes. Whenever I started to pull away, she would remind me of all the times we’ve spent together, of how she knew me so well. Too many times she steered me in the wrong direction because she “knew what was best.” She wasn’t a friend anymore, she was a parasite and I was her host. She’d suck me dry and when I had nothing more to offer, she’d leave me with nothing. With friends like her, who needed enemies?

“I have to get going,” Morgan said standing up. “I have a lunch date.”

There she went sucking me in again. “With who?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

She picked up her bag and in that second I knew that the something devious she was plotting? It was against me.

I didn’t have time to obsess over what was going on in Morgan’s mind because my phone started to beep. It was a text message from Hunter and I couldn’t help smiling as I read it. All it said was, “Meet me at six o’clock. My house.”

Every part of me was going crazy by the time six came around. I told my mom I was going to Blair’s after telling Blair I was lying to my mom. Normally my mom would have been fine with me spending time with Hunter and going over to his house. But his parents weren’t home and she wasn’t stupid.

“Make sure you’re home by ten,” my mother shouted as I left the house.

To get to Blair’s house, I could walk. Still, seeing as how the majority of kids my age were lazy as hell, no questions would be asked if I took my car. The sun was going down when I pulled up to his house and the butterflies in my stomach were going insane. I put the car in park, grabbed my purse and got out of the car.

From the outside, there seemed to be no lights on within. That was strange….

After knocking on the door and getting no answer, I tried the knob. He knew that I was coming, there was no reason for him to be surprised of me entering the house. It was dark inside, really dark but down the hall I could see a flicker of light, and then another. I followed the light and found that he had lined the hallway with tealight candles. And people say that romance is dead.


I made my way into his pitch black room and the door shut behind me instantaneously making me jump. I couldn’t see anything but felt a hand touch my arm and lips touch my neck. I smiled at first thinking of how I was so ready to lie between the sheets with him and then after a few minutes of light nibbles on my neck, I realized I wasn’t actually ready for anything. Something felt extremely wrong. He smelled different, his lips tasted different, and the way he was touching me was rough, not like Hunter at all.

“Hey,” I said trying to push him off me. “Hunter, slow down.”

He grunted but it didn’t even sound like him.

“Stop Hunter,” I said more urgently. He wouldn’t budge. “STOP!”

The more I begged for him to leave me alone, the more weight he put on my body. What was wrong with him?

The door flew open and the overhead light turned on. Hunter stood in the doorway, his grey eyes gone wide with the scene in front of him. And that’s when everything started to click. I screamed and kicked Joey off of me.

“Hunter! I thought it was you!”

He glared at me not able to believe I was telling the truth. Afterall, it wasn’t Hunter who sent me the text earlier in the day. “How could you possibly think that?”

“I got a text, I thought it was from you. It was from your phone.” I stood up feeling disgusting like Joey’s saliva was covering me. I wanted to go home and take a shower.

Hunter looked down at my phone and then at Joey. “Why would you do this?”

Joey shook his head. “She’s just saying that because she doesn’t want to admit that it was her idea.”

My boyfriend looked at me in such a heartbreaking way. He was so wonderful he shouldn’t have had to worry about who was telling the truth, he shouldn’t have been put in such a position.

                I thought I was a goner for sure. They were best friends and there were all those short mottos about best friends came before anyone else that everyone used to validate a decision they had to make.

                Hunter turned to Joey. “Get out of my house.”

                Joey seemed confused. “Dude –”

                “Get out of my house!”

                Joey’s head fell down. His plan had failed and he knew it. Relief flowed through me knowing that Hunter believed me over the scheming friend of his.

                “What are you doing here,” he asked when Joey was gone.

                I swallowed hard. “I told you, the text.” He walked over to me and I put a hand on his chest. It was beating a mile a minute and I wanted nothing more than to calm him down. “I’m sorry.”

                He shook his head. “I should have known something was up when Morgan called me to fix a flat tire that wasn’t actually flat.”

                “Morgan?” I didn’t know why I was so surprised.

                He nodded his head. “Please. Don’t ever kiss me again in the dark.”

                I laughed a pained laugh and nuzzled my face into his chest, his heart had significantly relaxed. “I promise.”

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