Don’t Make Wishes in Cemeteries Because They Might Come True

Chloe has lost the only person that has truly understood her, her boyfriend Hunter. While everyone in town is obsessing over his death, she's obsessing over the life that they once shared together.

Finding comfort in the cemetery in which Hunter was buried, Chloe finds that she's most comforted just being near him until she makes a wish that she never thought would come true.


5. Movies and Detours


“We’re going to the movies tonight? Want to come?”

I lifted my head from my homework and saw Lane, my best friend, standing in front of me. Her hair was long and straight, not a frizz out of place. She seemed perfectly at ease but her lower lip always twitched when she was nervous.

“Did my mom ask you to hang out with me?”

She exhaled deeply. “She’s worried about you. So am I. So is Blair. We just want you to be happy.”

I wanted to let it go, she was just trying to help. But it’s been three months, I didn’t deserve to be happy yet. There was only one way I could get them to leave me alone. “Sure, what are we going to see?”

                Lane sat down relieved that she had broken through to me somehow. “Not sure yet. Something funny I hope. It’s been like a zombie town around here.”

                She didn’t mean to but she stared at the seat Hunter once occupied. And despite the fakeness of the town, there was a definite black crowd over us. Something was missing, that much was obvious.

                I hadn’t been to the movies in a while. Getting out would be good and even though my mother probably had something to do with the invitation, I was going to accept. At least I wouldn’t have to be at home.

                After school, Blair and I went to Lane’s house. Her mom made us chocolate chip cookies and instant iced tea as we got ready for the night.

                “Put this on,” Lane said handing me a small, black dress. “I was going to wear it but I thought it would look amazing on you.

                She spun around and ran to her large, walk-in closet. I loked over the dress and it seemed a little fancy to go to the movies in. Blair must have read my expression because she pointed behind me. Lane was there wearing a super tight purple tube top dress. I opened my mouth to say something but she held up her index finger, dug in her drawer, and pulled out a pair of baggy sweat pants. A few seconds later, the skanky purple dress had disappeared and a comfortable, movie watching ensemble was all I saw.

                “I take it plans have changed,” I asked.

                “Brad Cohen is having a get together,” Blair told me.

                I saw what they were doing. Blair and Lane weren’t the plotting type – or the lying type. I was the one that was scheming behind our parents back, forcing my friends to live a little and as long as we didn’t get caught it didn’t matter. Everyone was happier that way.

                Now that I was all depressed and pretty much a shut in, they wanted to get me out of my shell. I would bet my life that if I had said no to their invitation, their asses would be on their way to the movie theater for real. I smiled appreciating their effort and I wasn’t going to let them down.

                The first stop of the night was to the movie theater to get tickets. We weren’t actually going to buy any but we needed proof that we “saw” the movie. We waited outside the theater for someone to walk outside for a cigarette and to my surprise, it was fairly easy. Usually we would have to stand out there for at least twenty minutes to get one but we got all three in less than fifteen.

                “Okay, so basically what happens in the movie is the guy meets the girl at a pet store, they both want to get the same dog, they spend the movie fighting over who would take better care of the dog, and then at the end they get together and live happily ever after,” Blair said scrolling down her phone.

                “Did we like the movie,” Lane asked from the driver’s seat. Her eyes were glued to the street in front of her, her knuckles were white from squeezing the steering wheel. She was nervous about the party and I didn’t blame her. She never lied to her parents – besides all the times that I made her so we could go out. There was no way she would relax once we got to the party. Hunter would always joke about how quick Lane would crack under an interrogation.

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