Don’t Make Wishes in Cemeteries Because They Might Come True

Chloe has lost the only person that has truly understood her, her boyfriend Hunter. While everyone in town is obsessing over his death, she's obsessing over the life that they once shared together.

Finding comfort in the cemetery in which Hunter was buried, Chloe finds that she's most comforted just being near him until she makes a wish that she never thought would come true.


2. Five Years Ago and a Playground




                I hadn’t been to the playground in a good seven years. My dad had taken me on my fifth birthday and it was a disaster. He and my mom had a huge fight and embarrassed the shit out of me. Not that they cared because all that really mattered to them was that they had been able to get their aggression out. They were those parents. The ones that would make a scene and then five seconds later, after everyone had been cringing during their argument, they would smile and act like nothing even happened.

                That’s why I had surprised myself when I went to the playground to escape from my crazy parents on my twelfth birthday. The worst part was they hadn’t even noticed I was gone. But I thought I was alone. Seeing as it was almost midnight, I didn’t expect to see anyone else.

                “What are you doing here,” came a voice from the swings.

                I almost peed my pants and ran the other direction but within seconds my heart stopped beating from fear and was replaced with admiration. I’d never talked to Hunter before that night. He was always the “popular” boy in our grade, surrounded by swooning adolescent girls.

                “What are you doing here?”

                He laughed and nodded towards the swing next to him. I stepped forward without a question and sat down next to him, pushing my feet off the ground. I’d never had feelings for a boy before, they confused me and seeing what my parents were going through, I didn’t want to fall in love because falling in love sometimes meant falling apart.

                Hunter hopped off his swing and went behind me, his hands gave me a gentle push as he asked, “Isn’t it your birthday?”

                “How’d you know?”

                “Mr. Salazar had it written on the chalkboard.”

                I didn’t know that he knew my name so answering the question took longer than it should have. “It is.”

                “You don’t talk much Chloe.” He laughed and pulled the swing back waiting for me to look at him before he spoke again. “What are you hiding from?”

                It was that night that we shared our secrets with one another. Our parents weren’t perfect, they were far from it. With this newfound friendship, we didn’t feel so alone anymore. We didn’t have to keep everything we saw or heard bottled up inside. And that was the night I met my best friend.

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