Mira is unwanted, unloved, and hated by... well everybody. when she becomes 15, the new legal age of adulthood, her parents kick her out and she has nowhere to go. Lots of kids go through this. They can not get a job until they reach 18, so they have to fend for themselves for 3 years. The hard part is once Mira starts to live in the wilderness, a big swarm of disease ridden bugs attacks her while she is sleeping. Her only hope is a nice boy with the same fate as she has, Death. Can they find a way to survive together? Read to find out!


1. The new laws

Mira is sitting on the couch at 9:30 on a saturday night awaiting the vote for the new laws. There are so many that have been proposed, but so far only 4 have been adopted into law. There is only one law she cares about though, but let me rewind first.

Monday before school on the plaza

"Look at Mira! Her clothes are so outdated! And are those horizontal stripes? O.M.G Those are horizontal stripes! Doesn't she know that they are so out of season?" This is the exact type of gossip that the whole school spreads about Mira. There are five groups in the tenth grade, the cheerleaders, the band geeks, the mathletes, and the pretty perfect people who are actually really mean. The other group isn't really a group, it's more like an oddball here and there that can't be in a group because there isnt enough of them. Mira is one of those. 

There is word of the government changing the legal age of adulthood to 15. Everyone in school is talking about it. The electoral college puts the final votes in on saturday around 9:30. The only people who are talking against it is the debate team who is focousing all their practices on that matter.

Mira trudges through monday taking in all of the words that are said and the glances that are exchanged and ignores them like she has been doing since third grade. soon it is friday and her eighth period teacher is talking about some type of algebraic equation on how 3x12y+(-178+ y/t )=z when the bell rang. Saved by the bell as they might say. 

She sleeps almost the whole day on saturday because she knows saturday night could go on forever. Now I am caught up. So she is against the new law because her parents have always said that once they can, they will kick her out onto the streets. She is only 14, but her birthday is tomorrow. 

Finally, the vote is in and the law was... "Commercial brake!!! Seriously?" Mira thought. "Mental note, buy pillsbury toaster stroodels." The commercial brake was over now. The law was passed.

"Oh, No! What do I do now?" Mira panicked. What if her parents were serious? She ran to them and told them the news. 

"Well," Her mom and dad said, "I guess you better pack a bag of essentials, because tomorrow, you're out of here."

She was crushed. Now as her fifteenth birthday approached, so did her last minutes in a real house.

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