Mira is unwanted, unloved, and hated by... well everybody. when she becomes 15, the new legal age of adulthood, her parents kick her out and she has nowhere to go. Lots of kids go through this. They can not get a job until they reach 18, so they have to fend for themselves for 3 years. The hard part is once Mira starts to live in the wilderness, a big swarm of disease ridden bugs attacks her while she is sleeping. Her only hope is a nice boy with the same fate as she has, Death. Can they find a way to survive together? Read to find out!


6. the cream's side affects

They put the cream on about a day ago. Sam's face was fine and he had no side affects, but Mira was running a mild fever. Sam went into a little market and bought some nicer food for Mira, and a little for himself. When he returned to their campsite, Mira was asleep on the ground. She slept for hours and Sam ended up eating all alone.  Mira went on with her fever, barely making it to the next campsite where they would stay. Over the course of 3 weeks, the fever had grown into a rash too. Mira finally gave up and went to an urgent care somewhere in a town near the woods where they were staying.

"You are a sick person Mira," The doctor said. "You need some medicine, I'll write you a prescription, but you need rest. That's the only thing that will make you better."

"Alright" Mira said in a sad, lazy voice. "How long will I need to lay low?"

"Hmm... I'd recommend about 3-5 days."

*One week later*

"OHMYGOSH! I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!" Mira shouted with joy.

"Well, you look a billion times better then you did a week ago. I am super glad you are ok." Sam said in reply

Mira and Sam packed up and started to hike into another part of the woods and were awestruck when they got to a little village in Canada. They never realized how much they hiked until now. They were free of the American laws and could find a place to stay and possibly a family to take them in. Sam and Mira were joyous until a bulky man with a heavy accent approached them. 

"Hey, you kids! What in the name of the lord are you doing out here???" the large man shouted.

Sam and Mira trembled in fear as the man grew closer. They didn't know that they were doing anything wrong. 

Mira turned to Sam, facing away from the man, and hugged him. "Whatever happens," Mira said to Sam "we must st-"

She was interrupted by a large, cold, hand that thumped down on her shoulder.

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