Mira is unwanted, unloved, and hated by... well everybody. when she becomes 15, the new legal age of adulthood, her parents kick her out and she has nowhere to go. Lots of kids go through this. They can not get a job until they reach 18, so they have to fend for themselves for 3 years. The hard part is once Mira starts to live in the wilderness, a big swarm of disease ridden bugs attacks her while she is sleeping. Her only hope is a nice boy with the same fate as she has, Death. Can they find a way to survive together? Read to find out!


2. On the run

"Oh my god. I have to run away... Nobody wants me. Who else can I go to, Mike? No, he is too mr.popular to care about his cousins. Lisa, no I really don't need all that religious gunk in my mind." Mira wrote in her journal. She stopped there because she could not think about anybody else. 

She packed a bag of things like money, change of clothes, water, food, band-aids, blankets, and antibiotics. No pleasure items because they would take up too much space. After she was finished packing up her backpack, she had a little more room left, so she packed her favorite book, The Chronicles Of Narnia. She had to think of a plan, where to go. It had to be close to civilization, but in the woods, because if the cops catch her, she can get jail time. 

The cops do not like people that run away. It is against the law. If they find you, you go to jail. They don't realize that people do not want their children, so they kick them out. They don't even give you a chance to explain. They read you your miranda rights and cuff you before you can share your story.

Mira decides to go into the woods. It will be good cover and she will still be close to civilization.. The morning of her birthday, her parents wake her up at 6:30 and say their wimpy goodbye's and show her the door. 

She is so angry and sad at the same time. She storms out the door and runs into the woods. She knows her education is over, because if they caught her she would be dead. She just runs into the woods with all hope of survival.

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