Mira is unwanted, unloved, and hated by... well everybody. when she becomes 15, the new legal age of adulthood, her parents kick her out and she has nowhere to go. Lots of kids go through this. They can not get a job until they reach 18, so they have to fend for themselves for 3 years. The hard part is once Mira starts to live in the wilderness, a big swarm of disease ridden bugs attacks her while she is sleeping. Her only hope is a nice boy with the same fate as she has, Death. Can they find a way to survive together? Read to find out!


3. My life in the woods

"Alright. It is about 7:30 at night and I am alone. I have survived in the woods since 6:30 in the morning, I can make it." Mira wrote in her diary "I have heard footsteps, but I have never seen any faces. I know I am being watched, but it doesn't feel like a threat. More like a follower, Like I'm a pop-star and somebody wants my autograph but is just too nervous to ask." she wrote.

She knew she needed to get some sleep, but she was so nervous and uncomfortable. It was so much of a change going from a nice warm mattress to a bed of leaves. She was troubled by the fact that she was all alone but she convinces herself that she will get better. Right as she is dozing off to sleep, she hears the sound of leaves crunching underneath someone's shoe. This wakes her up. She stands up and spins around slowly in circles saying "Who's there! Hello? I just heard you!" she finally just gives up and goes back to sleep. 

She wakes up and smells leaves burning. There is a fire going next to her. "What is going on? I never started this fire! Gosh, I wish It was warmer out. Wait... WHERES MY BACKPACK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Mira is digging through the piles of twigs and leaves searching for her backpack. It was her only means of survival. It had everything and she swore not to go to a life of stealing and bribing people for food and money. She is finally up to her senses when she hears a voice about 10 feet away.

"Looking for this?" The menacing voice asks. The man is swinging her backpack by the top and looking at her with an odd glare "Well, I want to know who you are and why you're here and then you MIGHT get your backpack back." 

"Listen, My name is Mira. I am 15 and ever since my birthday yesterday my parents kicked me out and I camped out here. Now GIMME MY BACKPACK!!!!!!" Mira shouted

"Alright. I wanted to make sure you were a runaway and not some girl scout or anything." He tosses Mira her backpack "This is my spot, just to let you know. My name is  Samuel, but you can call me Sam."

He sits down and continues cooking fish. Two fish. Mira has finally found a friend.

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