The Love of Her Life

Lizzy Harpor is going to junior high for the first time. After about a month of school, she found a really nice friend and the love of her life. Will Max say yes to Lizzy?


1. New School

Hi, I'm Lizzy, Lizzy Harpor. And I'm just starting Junior high. Well heres my story. It all started on the first day of school. I was all ready. First period I have math. That was fun because my teacher was really nice. Second period I had band. It was fun, but I just couldn't talk the whole class. Third period is where it all began. I sit right by a boy named Max. He's really cute, but I just didn't have the nerves to ask him to the dance. Fourth period was Science. It was fun !! We did labs and stuff like that. Fifth period is my least favorite. Study hall. But the last fifth teen minutes we can talk. Max is also in that class. Then the rest of my schedule is just normal. About a month into school, Max and I became really good friends. We walked to class together and our lockers are right across from each other. The one thing is, he doesn't know that I like him. He thinks he hates me.
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