Just Me and the Boys

When Sarah moves to England for her mom's work, she is greeted by a band named One Direction. Harry Styles quickly falls in love with Sarah but is Sarah completely taken with Harry? Find out in my fanfic.


1. Moving

Moving, was hard. All my friends at school I wouldn't be able to see. But the hard part was that my dad had died just two weeks ago from a car accident. I was only with my my mom and my little sister Nicole,who was six years old. We had to move to England because it was hard to live in a place full of memories of my dad. I started packing and the first thing I came over was a picture of my dad and me. We were in Florida for Summer Vacation and on the beach. I quickly looked at it and then put it in a box marked "Memories with Dad". Once we all finished packing we went to the airport and started boarding on the plane. Once the plane got in the air I didn't know what to do so, I started sleeping.

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