Just Me and the Boys

When Sarah moves to England for her mom's work, she is greeted by a band named One Direction. Harry Styles quickly falls in love with Sarah but is Sarah completely taken with Harry? Find out in my fanfic.


3. Movie

The movie was about a romance and it gave me some ideas for after the movie. Believe it or not the movie was two hours and forty-five minutes long. After the movie ended we started walking back to the hotel and then Harry stopped walking and I stopped and asked him what was wrong and then I suddenly felt his lips touch against mine locking in on mine and the he picked me up and we actually started making out on the way to the hotel. Once we stopped he said nothing. We walked into the hotel and we went into the elevator everything was silent. Then we walked by our rooms and then he said to me," my friends are not in my room right now so you can hang out with me in my room for a little bit." I said,"ok". Then we both went into the room and sat on the couch and he said,"I love you". Let me just say that I was there for a little bit longer than I thought I was going to be. He made out with me for over 4 hours. Once we stopped I said see you later and he said see you tomorrow. The I went back to my room and I looked at myself in the mirror I looked totally out of it. All messy. I just went to bed though. Having the best dreams about Harry Styles. The next morning came and I told my mom that I didn't want to leave the hotel and she said well the house is ready for us. She made me leave the hotel though. I started texting Harry and said how much I miss him. I never told my mom though. She would've killed me. When we got to the house I figured out something. One Direction lived right next door to me. I was so happy. I texted Harry and he said he and One Direction were coming to their house too. My mom also found a job. As a doctor. Now I just have to wait till One Direction comes.
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