Just Me and the Boys

When Sarah moves to England for her mom's work, she is greeted by a band named One Direction. Harry Styles quickly falls in love with Sarah but is Sarah completely taken with Harry? Find out in my fanfic.


4. Meeting One Direction

That night they came to their house and it was awesome. I went over to their house because I just needed to see it.When I saw Harry it was kind of awkward but, he looked at me with sparkling eyes. I flipped my hair to him. When I met everyone in One Direction, Harry asked me to follow him and he led me to the kitchen where a nice dinner was set up for just us. I was flattered. We had steak with a creamy sauce,rolls, and steamed,vegetables. For dessert mousse chocolate cake. It was really good. Next he gave me a tour of the house. The last room he showed me was his room. I got so tired that I slept over there that night. My mom never was home because of her job and Nicole,wasn't home that night because she had a sleepover. So it didn't matter. When I fell asleep on his bed,he climbed in too. AWKWARD!!!! He gave me a kiss goodnight and we both fell asleep lying right next to each other. The next morning came and we had waffles. He and I went to the park and had a picnic for lunch too. We watched the clouds go by and we heard the birds chirping. We ate sandwiches with lettuce,cheese,and ham. For dessert a kiss.

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