Just Me and the Boys

When Sarah moves to England for her mom's work, she is greeted by a band named One Direction. Harry Styles quickly falls in love with Sarah but is Sarah completely taken with Harry? Find out in my fanfic.


2. London

 Once we landed in London, we couldn't get off  because their was a band called One Direction going through the airport and they wouldn't allow anyone to see them.I didn't even know them and they wouldn't let us get off. Twenty minutes later we got off and eventually got to the hotel and of course One Direction was staying at that same hotel. Their room was even right next to ours. When I saw One Direction go into their hotel room, one of them really stood out to me. He had brown, curly hair. I found out that their names were Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan. I still didn't know which one had the curly, brown hair that I saw walking into their hotel room. My mom told me a week later that she had found a house that we could afford and could live in. That would just mean that I would leave the love of my life. That morning I found out his name from a magazine, Harry Styles. I saw on of the One Direction members, I'm pretty sure it was Liam but, I had no clue. I said to him," Harry is the hottest boy I've ever seen, do you think I could talk to him some time". He answered with,"I'll tell him". After that I really couldn't stop thinking about him. I saw Harry that night and he said to me,"I heard how you like me and I like you too. I just wanted to ask you if you would want to go out tomorrow night." I said,"sure, how about dinner and a movie"? Harry said,"ok tomorrow night it is." That night I could not sleep at all. I was only thinking about how I was dating Harry Styles from One Direction and before I had no idea who he was and who they were. Now I know like everything about him. The next morning came and that was the morning we were supposed to move to the new house and then my mom told me something that made me so happy...we weren't moving until tomorrow. That afternoon I went to a store that had the best outfits in London and exactly my style and for a low price. I bought a dress that was casual that was strapless and that was white with ruffles. I also bought flats. That night I took a shower,blow dried, and straightened my curly brown hair. Then I put on my amazing outfit with the flats. Put on mascara,eye liner,blush,lip gloss, and eye shadow. Then I left the room and went next door to meet up with Harry. When he saw me his eyes opened all the way and he said," you look beautiful". I said thanks and complemented on his blazer. Next we were off to dinner at an Italian restaurant. I ordered Sprite with angel hair and marinara. He ordered the same exact thing. That was a good sign that he liked the same thing I liked. Then we were off to the movies.  

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