A Cowgirl

It started when I was little. I loved to ride with my hair blowing in the breeze.Hanging on tight.


1. A Cowgirl

It started when I was little

I loved to ride

With my hair blowing in the breeze

Hanging on tight


When I jumped the fences

It was such a thrill

Knowing I had to get over

My horse and I


It is fun to watch people's faces

As they see you flying through the air

Wondering what will happen

The excitement running through the air


You know your looking good

With your hats and boots

Legs long and lean

Hair hanging down your back


No place I would rather be

Then riding my horse

Through the fields

With his head held high


A cowgirl is lucky

She has her horse

The open field's

Breeze blowing


She loves the excitement

The thrill of it all

She knows she is good

Her heart is in it


Just a cowgirl

Her horse looking fine

Head held high

Flying through the air


When it is all over

She brushes him down

And gives him some sugar

Gives him a kiss and pat on the head


He looks her over

Looks her in the eye

Sticks his nose in the air

She didn't give him a apple


As he turns his back

Walks away

Does not turn around

Just sways his rear.


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