one thing

Sadie Evans was just a normal girl other than the fact that she was Louis Tomlinson's twin sister. see how she falls in love with harry styles and how her brother will react. read moreXX


2. happy birthday!

Louis pov

todays the day! one directions 2 year anniversary! i cant beleive its been 2 years already! i cant wait for the party later on even sadies excited and she is by far the worst party lover in the world! 

Harry's pov

todays the day finally im going to tell sadie how i really feel about her. i can only hope she feels the same. i have it all worked out sadie hates partys so i will swoop in and have a good time with her then bam! ill pop the question if she likes or not

  2 hours into the party ....

Sadies pov

suprisingly im having a great time tonight! ive been hanging with harry for the past hour and hes so funny. cracking jokes about everything...... man i really love this boy..... "hey sadie wanna go for a walk" harry asked me "sure" i answered. we walked outiside and i had no idea it was this cold! harry noticed "here love" he took off his jacket and gave it to me "thanks harry" i smiled back.. man was he amazing "sooo hows life" he asked "pretty good" i answered and it basicllay went on like this for a while untill he stopped walking. "whats wrong" i asked him "i have to tell you something" he said "okay go on" i said " sadie the thing is i really, really like you like not as a friend but more" omg! is he really saying this or am i just kidding myself. "and the thing is is that ive liked your for a while now and would you like to go out on a date with me?" ahhhh!! without even thinking i kissed him on the lips.

harrys pov

she crashed her lips against mine it felt so right. she tasted like vanilla and the way our lips moved together alomost like it was meant to be. she pulled away ans blushed "you look cute when u blush" i said she automatically turned red "thanks" she said looking at the ground. "hey so what are we gonna tell lou" i asked "ummmm lets just keep this between us for now and see what happens later" she smiled "okay love whatever you want" i said she smilled at me then said " we probably should get back before they worry" "ya we should" with that we walked hand in hand talking about the most randomest stuff. just the way i like it.

sadies's pov!

ahhhh! finally! i cant wait till our date

<what did you think? how will louis react?>



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